2020 Phase 2 PFSP March Madness Campaign.

2020 Phase 2 PFSP March Madness Campaign and open Letter.

We are pulling out all the stops for the final push for phase 2 of the Portage Family Skate Park. With the help of you and a few of our friends we can make this happen over the next month. A not so private donor and super supporter of the PFSP has stepped up to donate $3,500 and wants to challenge 2 other families or businesses to match, and to cover the cost of the increase of phase 2 which is $10,000.

Once the June and Edward Lenz charitable trust is matched with only the remaining $15,000 of the $25,000 grant, we would have tentatively secured the money needed to proceed with building in the summer of 2020. Think it’s odd the warm up in Wisconsin? It’s the giving season and the pfsp and its supporters are heating things up.

Our friends at General Engineering Company have generously provided us with the timeline including documents needed for moving forward in securing these funds, and to proceed with bidding when funds are secured. This is the time to donate, all donations double up to $25,000 thanks to June and Edward Lenz and once the match is awarded it will bring the PFSP to $155,000. Portage is a city caring for its future and its children. The PFSP and its supporters have demonstrated with the help of its citizens and city government how important and beneficial this park has been since its opening in 2016. Total estimated cost of phase 2 is $165,000

March 31st                           Secured Funding

April 6th.                               Meeting with Park Director

May 2020                         Park Board and City Council Allow Project to Move Forward                            Knowing Funding is Secured “Park & Rec Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 5th”

May 29, 2020                   Newspaper Deadline for Bid Ad

June 4, 2020                    Bid Ad #1 in Newspaper

June 11, 2020                  Bid Ad #2 in Newspaper

June 25, 2020                  Bid Opening

July 7, 2020                     Park Board Approves Bid

July 9, 2020                     Common Council Awards Bid

2-3 Weeks                       Contract Coordination

August 1, 2020                Preconstruction Conference

September 15, 2020       Construction Substantial Completion Deadline

September 30, 2020       Construction Final Completion Deadline


^^^^^^^^^^^^^Click the link or image above to donate^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Click the link or image above to donate^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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