President: Kyle Little

Art Director: Andrew Tamminga

Happy New Year!

It's traditional to set New Year's Resolutions, on a commercial one child is heard to say he's making a revolution . . . in essence when communities set resolutions they are setting in motion a mini-revolution to institute change.  We're happy that the City of Portage, the Kiwanis and other businesses in Portage have resolved to support The Portage Family Skate Park Project this year.

"The mission of the Portage Family Skate Park Project is to build a multi-generational Skate Park Plaza for skateboarders of all ages and a variety of skills and abilities, in cooperation with The City of Portage and Kiwanis Organization.  Our Skate Park will be a family friendly, safe environment for all who come to the park."


Our Goal This Year is to raise $102,000 which will help us complete Phase 1 & 2 of our park.

We are almost half - way to reaching the Phase 1 goal!!! And we did that in just 6 months.

Perhaps you would like to sponsor a day in honor of a loved one.  If so please complete a donation form and send it to the Kiwanis organization at the address listed on the form. 

Perhaps your business, organization or family would like to host a fundraising event.  You don't need our permission to do that - just do it and then send the funds to the Kiwanis for the Skate Park Project.  You can invite us to your event if you want and we can talk with people about the project, but you don't even have to invite us if you don't want to.  Just resolve to join the 2014 Skateboard Revolution  . . . .  

By Brooke McGee

Christmas came early for the Portage Family Skate Park project (PFSP) this year. The holidays typically bring surprises, and the plans of skateboarder Brandon Hanson and PFSP President Kyle Little’s were one of those. With the ring of a doorbell, Kyle was delighted to find Brandon, gifts and donations in hand, at his doorstep.

Sponsored by Elements Boardshop in Wisconsin Dells, Brandon came bearing wheels grips and one-of-a-kind decks, autographed by Brandon Hanson himself. Along with these gifts came the greatest gift of all- hope. Hope of dreams coming true for the community of Portage. Although physical items can never buy happiness, they can be used for raffles, for thank yous and for upcoming fundraising events for the Portage Family Skate Park.

It is very apparent that the giving spirit is abundant this time of year. Some say this is the time of year where miracles can happen. We all know that anything is possible, and because of people like Brandon and Elements Boardshop, the hope so many have is drawing closer.

If I could have a gift this year, I know what I would want. First, of course, is for the happiness of my family. But also, I would wish for this community, and Kyle, a skate park, with a huge, crimson red, velvet bow right on the top of one of the ramps. It is, after all, a family skate park, and a dream of Kyle’s for years. But I can’t grant wishes. Despite that, “Little” by “Little,” we are getting there. I do believe in miracles, and I do believe in hope.

We at the Portage Family Skate Park project wish you all the best this holiday season. No matter how you celebrate, or what you celebrate, this time of year is for reflection and gratitude. As we reflect, we are grateful for every individual who has contributed towards the PFSP. “A person’s a person, no matter how small,” (Dr. Suess) we thank our supporters, we say thank you to all.

Regardless of the time of year, we know perseverance pays off. We will get this skate park. It is because of the City of Portage, Kiwanis, good old-fashioned stubbornness, our sponsors, supporters and donations that this dream will come true. Those who do want to help, no matter how small, can help in many ways. Support us by talking about it. Support it by writing letters of support to the paper. “Like” PFSP online. Portage wants this. That has been undeniable demonstrated by the support we have. Let’s make it happen.

  • Academics and Skateboarding

Most parents are concerned with the academic performance of their children.  We all know that physical activity improves brain function and mental health.  Some people fear that skateboarding will have a negative impact on their child's academic career.  There are many skateboarders who have college degrees.  I recently looked on line and found there are skateboarders with degrees in psychology, food service, creative writing, business, education and more.  There are even some colleges with skateboard parks built on or near campus and there are professional and college clubs that participate in skateboarding activities to raise funds for charitable causes.  There are even Skateboarding Foundations that grant college scholarships to skateboarders who want to further their academic career.  Some of the people who have college degrees are people who were semi-pro and professional skateboarders who used their salary to pay for college expenses. 

But what about high school, Jr. high and grade school academics and skateboarding?  Don't most of the skateboarders get in trouble or become at-risk students?  No, that is absolutely not true, but if you are concerned that having a skate park might cause trouble then think about this.  Remember a time when there weren't t-ball, softball and baseball teams in the community, in park 'n rec or schools.  How about track and field and tennis and soccer?  It seems to stand to reason that when a sport exists in a community and the community makes a concerted effort to accept and help organize the people who enjoy the sport and build an appropriate area for them to participate in that sport the entire community benefits.  

One person on our committee even suggested we could have an event called Skate to Read some day - if that sounds interesting to you, please contact us through the website, facebook page or at


Skate Park Chili Dinner

at VFW was a success.

The weather outside wasn't too frightful and the food was delightful!

We had 7 different kinds of chili available and all were a hit!  The weather outside wasn't too frightful and the food was delightful!  We had 7 different kinds of chili, one with shredded beef, one with noodles, a meatless chili and other varieties ranging from mild to super hot.  Cornbread and dessert topped off with a beverage choice all for only $5.00.  Refills were $3.00 and the Skate Park profited about $250 from this event. About 40 people came in and warmed up at the Chili Supper sponsored by PFSP and held at the VFW on Saturday, Dec. 14th. A $150 Wilderness Gift Pack was awarded to Margaret Rudolph who won the fill in the square contest.   Margaret Rudolph, Business Administrator from the Portage Public Schools came to show support, she has been very supportive of the project since the beginning and was a great advocate in encouraging the Kiwanis to support the project.



PFSP Thanks
WHo’s Yer Painter? LLC

Some times effective donations don’t
involve money at all, Who’s Yer Painter
has been a great bennefit to the
Portage Family Skate Park Project
through the donation of office space,
tools, supplies, and expertise.

Kudo’s to those who help any way they can!

By Brooke McGee

“Believe.” That word has a lot of meaning behind it. The meaning of that word is the inspiration behind the Portage Family Skate Park project (PFSP.) They believe it will come true. “Believe” is also the title and meaning to a recent Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s video contest film, featuring Tony Hawk himself.

Logan Cascia of Cascia Films documented the awe-inspiring story of Tommy Carroll, a young man with the hope to skateboard. Unfortunately, at a young age, Tommy lost his eyesight. Because of his belief in himself, that stumbling block did not hold him back. In fact, his belief drives him onward and his dream of meeting renowned skateboard legend Tony Hawk, came true.

“Tommy has a spirit that wouldn’t quit,” Cascia said. “He reached his goal because he wouldn’t give up. I wish there were more people like him. This world needs people like Tommy.”

That dream was not accomplished without the cooperation of others, individuals who worked together. Because of Cascia Films and publicity from individuals such as the Chicago Tribune and Sports Illustrated Kids, Tony Hawk was given the credit he deserved, a thank you for a modest deed that came from his heart.

“One of the best things about Tommy is that he doesn’t look at his blindness at something that holds him back,” Cascia says. “He embraces it. He has people that believe in him, and so do I. I think, and this is just my opinion, that when people believe in you, it gives you a little more spark.”

A common thread is seen through videos such as “Believe,” viewable on YouTube or at “I believe Portage will get their skate park,” Cascia said. “I’ve seen a lot, I travel a lot. I believe that dreams come true, I’m not really worried. For people like Tommy, a park like this can make a dream come true. Because of Tony (Hawk), some already have. I think it’s awesome he sponsored Portage for the Grant Match program. That’s just one more reason I respect him.”

The Portage Family Skate Park project is something many in the Portage, Wisconsin Dells and the Madison area believe in. It will happen. It is just a matter of time. Tommy Carroll knows patience and he also knows determination. He is an inspiration to all who have the honor of meeting him.

The PFSP wish to extend their thanks to all who believe in and support the park. Without the support of the City of Portage, Kiwanis, sponsors and local fundraising events, the PFSP would not be where they are today. Thank you. Thank you for believing.

Cascia Films also wishes to extend their gratitude to Tom & Kristi Carroll, Grind Gear Skate Shop, Bruce and Hayes Cascia, Greg Ellis, Matt Krueger, Justin Lacosse, Trevor Morrison and Andrew Underwood.

is a monumental figure who gives hope and inspiration to all.

"I just want to skate to have fun!"

The quote is from a young boy who was talking about why he wanted a Skate Park in the City of Portage.  That's a good thing!  More kids want to skate for fun rather then becoming a  competitive skater. That's a healthy attitude for children and their families to take into this project. 

- June Paul

Current and Future Fundraiser Events

Sometimes because of reasons out of our control we neglect our health. PFSP and Healthsource of Portage Have come together to benefit you and us. Print these coupons skate Park coupon and give them to friends, family and loved ones. This could be an early holiday gift for someone. Your health is no laughing matter. or text.

Pizza Hut is wrapping up a deal with the PFSP!

Pizza Hut is wrapping up a deal with the PFSP!


Visit the local Portage, Wisconsin Pizza Hut and enjoy great pizza while the little ones color on one of a kind PFSP coloring sheets. Get your flier and learn how you can help this great project. Also, Pizza Hut will be excepting donations on our behalf. Find information hear or call 608.742.8829

 A Brief History of Skateboarding

From President: Kyle Little

In 1995, ESPN held their first Extreme Games, in Rhode Island. This first X Games was a huge success, and helped pull skateboarding closer to the mainstream, and closer to being accepted by the general population (read more in the History of the X Games). In 1997 the first Winter X Games were held, and "Extreme Sports" were classified. Plenty of skaters resent the way skateboarding has slowly moved from underground to mainstream. However, the X Games did bring vert skateboarding back into popularity. The X Games and competitions like that have continued to keep vert skateboarding popular, even though vert few skaters actually ride real vert ramps. Vert skateboarding has slowly become a much loved spectator sport.

 Many Hands Will Make

The Portage Family Skate Park a Reality!


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Brick Fundraiser!

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"No child left inside"  Mayor William Tierney Portage, Wisconsin

What size is our Skate Park Going to Be?  Will it be Big Enough? Too Big?

  Our Skate Park is expected to be about 75' by 110' 

In comparison

The Splash Pad is 30' X 30'


A basketball court is 94' by 50'

  We think it will be a great size for our community AND it will be great for all skill levels!