President: Kyle Little

Art Director: Andrew Tamminga

When it Rains it Pours…

By Brooke McGee

When it rains it pours. But apparently, that’s not always a bad thing. You dream, you hope- for your dreams to rain down upon you, and sometimes… just sometimes… that actually does happen.

For the Portage Family Skate Park project, local businesses and individuals are joining together to make a hope a reality for our local community. Most recently, the Community Bank of Portage (a branch of the Bank of Wisconsin Dells) has extended with open arms a gift of hope to the community it resides in.

We hear so frequently that if anything seems too good to be true… well not with hard work and support. With logical business senses, contingencies do ride upon this generous donation. (Did I mention it was $2,000 dollars? I didn’t add an extra zero. That really is two THOUSAND dollars donated to the community.) For the PFSP to receive this, certain deadlines must be made in order for this to become a reality. Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this project, the money will be dispersed as goals are met.

Bob Wachuta, Portage branch Vice President, were encouraged and motivated to be at the check presentation, as was Heather Meyer, Barb Knight and Danielle Hernkind and more. “This shows a strong community,” Wachuta stated. “It shows the support for all that Portage has and needs.”

Kim Zaniboni, enthusiastically mentioned “For the youth in our community, anything we can give will be a good thing. How can helping hurt?”

Does anyone recall the $5,000 Tony Hawk Grant matching challenge the PFSP met? Yes, we rise to challenges. And with the continuous support of our community, this can easily be met as well. Facebook support is exploding, and more and more businesses are realizing the benefits that the park will bring to the area. That’s good sense, just like the Community Bank of Portage has.

To keep up with the PFSP, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can find this information check Area businesses can educate themselves on potential increased business revenue, safety efforts that are being taken into consideration, park plans and more. You can only be benefited by taking the time to check it out!

The PFSP and those supporting members of the community extend a sincere and gracious thank you to the Community Bank of Portage and Bank of Wisconsin Dells. Together, a community stands strong.

They found them!!

Congratulations Jayden LaRoche and Elexus LaRoche from President Kyle Little of the Portage Family Skate Park Project. Thank you Bridget Welter for letting the kids participate in this years #PFSP Easter grab bag giveaway in Goodyear Park Portage, Wisconsin. Http://


They love there cool bracelets!!! “Bridget Welter”


Portage Family Skate Park Marathon

Join the event

Register online

Saturday September 6th, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

As featured on Travel Wisconsin.Com

<Please click the links below to download and print forms >

2014 PFSP Marathon Rules and Regulations

2014 PFSP Marathon Registration Waiver

Portage Family Skate Park Marathon

Rules and Regulations

  • You must register to participate in this event. Preregistration and day of registration: $20.00

  • Preregistered participants will receive an event T-shirt the day of the event (T-shirts must be picked up in person at the event or they will be forfeit), participants that register the day of the event will not receive a t-shirt unless there are some available to purchase.

  • Deadline to preregister is August 19th.

  • Preregistration payment A. May be brought to weekly meetings: Gerstenkorn Administration Building 305 East Slifer Street Portage, Wisconsin 53901 Room 20 5-6:30 PM B. May be sent to: PFSP Marathon 327 River Street Portage WI 53901 Checks should be made out to: Kyle Little-Portage Family Skate Park Please put Marathon in the memo space. C. T-Shirt Size must be indicated on Preregistration form and check memo. Shirt Sizes XXL and above are not available.

  • This event will not be rescheduled. Possible reasons the event would be canceled include but are not limited to: Rain, extreme heat, tornado.

  • Participants must be dropped off at the start point, 831 East Edgewater Street is the closest physical address “the east end of east Edgewater.”, no later than 10AM so that the event can start at 10:30, there will not be parking at the start point but there is parking at Riverside Park (end point).

  • The event starts at 10:30, NO REGISTRATION WILL BE DONE AFTER 10:30 and THERE CAN BE NO LATE STARTS.

  • All participants must follow local laws and follow direction given by event officials and volunteers.

  • All participants must bring and wear a helmet.

  • The purpose of this event is to raise money for the skate park and awareness for our sport so it is necessary that all participants show the utmost courtesy to anyone they might encounter during the event. Violation of this will result in expulsion from the event. Official and volunteers call Todd to report infractions: 608-334-4779 In the event of a major emergency call 911 and report the incident to an official and/or volunteer.


We will be gathering at Riverside Park after the event, please join us to talk skating and more. Bring food if you wish.



It was a joy to work with Kyle Little and the Portage Family Skate Park Project.  We are glad to help something that benefits the local Portage community.  If you haven’t had a chance to find what the Portage Family Skate Park is all about, then don’t wait!  They are a fun group of people that are working towards a great cause. 


We had several patients take advantage of the coupon that was offered for the months of January through February and received the best care possible.  They are now a part of the HealthSource family.  If you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the donation special, that shouldn’t stop you from coming down to HealthSource of Portage Progressive Rehab and Wellness.  Your health is very important to us and we want to give you the opportunity to feel better.   And we will gladly except any further donations to the Portage Family Skate Park in the donation jar anytime.

Jess Noble

Office Manager Healthsource of Portage

Call (888) 977-6734 HealthSource of Portage
306 W Cook St
Portage, WI 53901
(888) 977-6734


Portage Family Skate Park Project shirts are in thanks to our sponsor Elements Boardshop 313 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin 53965 (608) 254-1104

GET YOURS AT Hair Sensations for the month of April and  Prairie Flower Beads and Discount Liquor year round with more locations to be added ONLY $10 or 2 for $15.00 in Portage, WI. Http://

To:  Kyle Little, Portage Family Skate Park Project President

From:  Dale Paul

Date:  April 2, 2014

Today my wife June and I are donating the second half of our $5000 tax deductible donation to the Portage Family Skate Park Project.  So as not to make it a financial burden we split our pledge over two years;  $2500 in 2013 and $2500 in 2014.  The total projected cost of the Skate Park is about $210,000.  If twenty more households in Portage and the surrounding area were to pledge $5000 each, that would raise another $100,000.  I know our community has residents with the financial resources to pull this off.

The City of Portage has already committed $30,000 to the project and the Tony Hawk Foundation has pledged $5000.  There have been generous contributions from some businesses in town.  I won’t name them because I wouldn’t want to offend anyone by leaving them out.

It would be great if the businesses in Portage and the surrounding area , especially some of the larger ones, would get on board and pledge $30,000 and donate $15,000 this year and $15,000 next year.  These are tax deductible donations.  I don’t know what the bottom lines are of the local businesses, but I feel that if June and I can contribute $5000 as private citizens then it seems that some local businesses could contribute $30,000 each.

As far as the stigma of skateboarders goes, I believe we have a misconception, I know I did.  But all you need to do is look back at the Winter Olympics.  The U.S. took gold, silver and bronze in one of the snowboarding events.  Skateboarding is very similar, only with wheels.  And for all us old people, we need only to remember back about 50 years ago.  Jan & Dean, the Beach Boys and other bands sang about surfing and sidewalk surfing.  How many of us had skateboards back then?  I’m thinking quite a few, I didn’t because I couldn’t stand up on one, but many of my friends did have skateboards and they had fun with them.

Let’s pull together, young and old, private citizens and businesses to get the Portage Family Skate Park Project finished.  It’s been a work in progress, on many people’s minds for many years, as old as some as of our children who have given us grandchildren.  Maybe the Skate Park was on your mind when you were younger; let’s bring it into fruition today.  Like June said;  Let’s not make another generation wait to skate in a well designed and built Skate Park.  We can do this Portage, “Together everyone achieves more.”

Dale Paul

Come one Come all and they sure did. On March 30th a huge Craft/vending event to benefit the Portage Family Skate Park Project was well under way. With baked goods and smiles all around the many people that came left happy. You had opportunities to purchase popcorn and even recycled rugs. So many items that you would have thought you hit a gold mine. The benefit raised over $400 and that's not all there will be another benefit on July 26th at the Best Western in Portage, Wisconsin.


Did you know that if every resident in the City of Portage donated $20 to The Portage Family Skate Park Project it would be fully funded?

Did you know that if every business in Portage and the surrounding area donated just $130 to The Portage Family Skate Park project it would be fully funded?

Did you know if:

1000 people gave $210 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

2000 people gave $105 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

3000 people gave just $70 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

3500 people gave just $60 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

4000 people gave just $52.50 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

5000 people gave just $42 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

6000 people gave just $35 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

Did you know your financial contributions are tax deductible because the project is fiscally sponsored by Kiwanis?

Did you know that there have been youth in Portage that have wanted a Skate Park for over 20 years?

Do you know how to contribute?

Make your check payable to Kiwanis

Write:  Portage Family Skate Park in the memo section.

Mail or bring your check to Rita @ Prairie Flower Beads, 210 West Cook Street,  Portage  WI 53901

Council approves $240,000 for skateboard park; action non-binding

Article used with permission of Portage Daily Register.

Craig Sauer Special to the Daily Register April 11, 2014 2:54 pm

The Common Council approved a non-binding measure Thursday to borrow and spend $240,000 for a skateboard area in Goodyear Park.

The motion, made by Common Council member Frank Miller, called for the project to be bid in 2015 and constructed in 2016, with any excess funds going to other park enhancements if not needed for the skateboard project.

“My purpose in recommending this is to show that it is a priority,” Miller said Thursday.

The motion, approved on a 7-2 vote, was largely symbolic because the current Council can not bind a future Council to a financial decision, according to City Attorney Jesse Spankowski.

Common Council members Rita Maass and Rick Dodd voted in the minority.

Maass did not state the reason for her vote Thursday, but has said in the past she is leery of building new city structures when the city is not currently doing enough to keep up its current facilities. She has also expressed concerns about adding new staffing costs to the city budget.

Dodd said he voted against the measure because the city has many other infrastructure needs including improving water and sewer lines. Dodd said proponents of the skateboard park should continue to raise funds instead of the city providing it a majority of funding.

“I am just not in favor of borrowing that money at this point in time,” said Dodd, the finance committee chairman.

The city previously set aside $30,000 for the skateboard project. The skateboard area would be built adjacent to the splash pad installed in Goodyear Park last year.

Skateboard park advocates have raised close to another $30,000 for the project.

“Just for them to be speaking about it tonight is outstanding,” said Kyle Little, president of the Portage Family Skateboard Park Committee.

Little said the group is going “full bore” and has a summer full of events to assist in fundraising.

“We are plugging along,” Little said, after the meeting Thursday.

To learn more about the skateboard project, go to

A decision on whether to actually borrow and spend funds for the skateboard park will be made during the 2015 city budget process that will take place this fall.

A new Common Council, with many new faces, will be sworn-in later this month.


"I just want to skate to have fun!"

The quote is from a young boy who was talking about why he wanted a Skate Park in the City of Portage.  That's a good thing!  More kids want to skate for fun rather then becoming a  competitive skater. That's a healthy attitude for children and their families to take into this project. 

- June Paul

Current and Future Fundraiser Events

The Portage Family Skate Park would like to thank our Art Director Andrew Tamminga for this ad. We would also like to thank for the recycling program that they offer and that has inspired us to do the same in Portage, Wisconsin. 100% of the proceeds from our recycling program will go to the Portage Family Skate Park. Hit us up on Twitter. Http://


Keith's Recycling Inc.

We take Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel and Iron. Any of these metals may be donated for the Portage Family Skate Park Project. 

Event Details: Brat Huts are BACK!

Saturday June 21st, Saturday July 19th and Saturday July 26th all 10-2pm

Event Details: Culver’s Care Night May 5th From 5:00-8:00pm to benefit the PFSP

Culver’s Care night is for giving back to our local community. We at Culver’s 2733 New Pinery Rd. Portage, WI 53901 (608) 742-7982 value the hard work you put into your charities and programs and are willing to partner with you the PFSP. So come out to Culver’s and dine with us this night and a % of the sale will be donated to the PFSP.

Event Details: On May 31st $1 for every Medium Margarita sold that day at La Tolteca 2653 New Pinery Rd, Portage ·

(608) 745-6776 will go to the Portage Family Skate Park Project.

And the Winner is... of the March Donation/Bid-O-Thon?

DeAnna Goldade AKA Dee from 94.1 JJO Morning Show

Get your PFSP wristbands at Prairie Flower Beads 210 West cook Street Portage, Wisconsin 53901

Phone(608) 742-5900


Want to Donate

Stop by anyone one of these Portage, Wisconsin Locations.


South Side Locations 

Red Apple Restaurant, Tamarack

Discount Liquor, Craigs Popcorn Stand

Head 2 Toe Beauty Salon


Downtown Locations

Big Dogs, Vibe Salon & Spa

Blarney Stone,Tangerine

Cathay Garden, Prairie Flower Beads

Wilz Drug, The Barber Shop


Northside of Portage

Golden Cup 2, GNC

Papa Murphy’s, Mike’s Eatery

New Life Physical Therapy

La Tolteca


 A Brief History of Skateboarding

Special edition: Other uses and styles

From President: Kyle Little


The use of skateboards solely as a form of transportation is often associated with the longboard Depending on local laws, using skateboards as a form of transportation outside residential areas may or may not be legal. Backers cite portability, exercise, and environmental friendliness as some of the benefits of skateboarding as an alternative to automobiles.


The United States Marine Corps tested the usefulness of commercial off-the-shelf skateboards during urban combat military exercises in the late 1990s in a program called Urban Warrior '99. Their special purpose was "for maneuvering inside buildings in order to detect tripwires and sniper fire".


Trampboarding is a variant of skateboarding that uses a board without the trucks and the wheels on a trampoline. Using the bounce of the trampoline gives height to perform a tricks, whereas in skateboarding you need to make the height by performing an ollie. Trampboarding is seen on YouTube in numerous videos.

Swing boarding

Swing boarding is the activity where a skateboard deck is suspended from a pivot point above the rider which allows the rider to swing about that pivot point. The board swings in an arc which is a similar movement to riding a half pipe. The incorporation of a harness and frame allows the rider to perform turns spins all while flying though the air.


 Many Hands Will Make

The Portage Family Skate Park a Reality!


If You Can Help



Please Contact us



                Thank You for Helping!

Brick Fundraiser!

Download yours today and help us build a skate park for tomorrow.



Make donations payable to: Kiwanis
Memo: Skate board park.
Mail to:
c/o Rita: Skateboard Park,
Prairie Flower Beads,
210 W Cook Street, Portage, WI 53901


We also are Paypal Verified! PayPal is the faster, safer way to Donate.


"No child left inside"  Mayor William Tierney Portage, Wisconsin

What size is our Skate Park Going to Be?  Will it be Big Enough? Too Big?

  Our Skate Park is expected to be about 75' by 110' 

In comparison

The Splash Pad is 30' X 30'


A basketball court is 94' by 50'

  We think it will be a great size for our community AND it will be great for all skill levels!