The committee, volunteers and supporters have been busy doing everything they can to make The Portage Family Skate Park break ground as soon as possible.  We need to raise a total of $210,000 for the complete project.  Our committee goal is for all of us, the committee, volunteers and supporters to raise at least $90,000 by June, 2014.  Our first important events were the parades we participated in this summer for Portage Canal Days and the 4th of July Parade.  We're proud of the people who participated and pleased to announce we took 3rd place for our float.

Our committee held several brat huts and Prairie Flower Beads hosted a Bake Sale and we had a booth at Raise the Praise this year. 

We held our first annual potluck youth fundraiser awards picnic on Sunday, August 11th.

On August 24th we will be at the Taste of Portage with baked goods and other items as well as some of our local Skateboarders demonstrating their skills and talents.

September 7th will be a busy day with a volleyball tournament at Riley's and our 1st Annual Portage Skateboard Marathon!  Both to raise funds for our Portage Family Skate Park Picnic.


A Word (or More) from the PFSP Project President,

Kyle Little


                                                      A Brief History of Skateboard​ing.

Skateboarding was first started in the 1950s, when all across California surfers got the idea of trying to surf the streets. No one really knows who made the first board -- instead, it seems that several people came up with similar ideas at the same time. Several people have claimed to have invented the skateboard first, but nothing can be proved, and skateboarding remains a strange spontaneous creation.These first skateboarders started with wooden boxes or boards with roller skate wheels slapped on the bottom.  Like you might imagine, a lot of people got hurt in skateboarding's early years! It was a sport just being born and discovered, so anything went. The boxes turned into planks, and eventually companies were producing decks of pressed layers of wood -- similar to the skateboard decks of today.  During this time, skateboarding was seen as something to do for fun after surfing.


Why I'm Serving as the PFSP Project Secretary


It's a question I've been asked and that after being asked I've had to really think about.  I guess it started when I was struggling with health issues and needed to do things to get my mind off the negative prognosis I had been given.  I began watching young people skate up and down the street with great curiosity, I was impressed with their bravery and their skill.  They reminded me of conversations my mother (now deceased) used to have about how communities should work to provide good parks for skateboarding youth instead of ignoring their pleas for space and attention.  My mother was a teacher who deeply cared for her students and other youth.  Anyway, I talked with the youth a little and encouraged them to keep pursuing the park and then I started doing some research and reading up on the sport.  That led to me writing an article in the Writers Write column and to send in some letters to the editor about the subject.  Eventually Kyle Little called me and asked if he could come and show me the portfolio and if I would consider being on the committee.  After thinking about it for a little while I said yes.  I went to a meeting with the Mayor and City Attorney and then the City Council and then we started having a few meetings.  The first couple were at my home and then we moved them when more people wanted to get involved.  Soon we had our 501c3 sponsorship through the Kiwanis ( a great service organization serving youth around the world). A few people have been a little surprised with this new involvement, they wonder if I've gone a little off my rocker, but that's ok.  Being on the committee has kept me busy, I'm meeting people with different interests and it feels good getting involved with this project that I always supported in my head and heart but never with my hands and feet. Thank you for inviting me onto the committee Kyle.

Conversation with Debbie Little a Skateboarder Mom/Grandma

 Debbie Little is Kyle's mom, I asked her why having a Skate Park in Portage is important to her.  "

 "I want kids to be able to go somewhere safe to skate. To get outside instead of sitting at home doing nothing."  Debbie and her family are definitely the outdoor type.  Her son is an amateur pro skater and I asked her what that journey was like for her.  "A lot bumps and bruises. But it was fun watching him do the tricks and showing other kids how to skate. Kyle wasn't the first in the family to skate. His older brother started when he was 10 and now he is 40. Kyle would watch and learn from him."  Did you travel around with Kyle and his brother when they were younger to go to different skate parks?  "No"   Debbie is very proud of her son Kyle.  "I'm proud of him for all he is doing for the kids of Portage and that he is giving back to Portage."  She said she'd like to say more about why she's so proud of him but she can't put it into words at this time. Many parents can probably relate to that kind of feeling.  Debbie worked hard at the Sidewalk Days Bake Sale and is going to be working just as hard for the Taste of Portage Skate Park Bake Sale Booth on August 24th.

Brick Fundraiser!

Download yours today and help us build a skate park for tomorrow.


The Petras donate $1000 to PFSP!

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Petras stopped in to present Committee President Kyle Little with their personal donation of $1000. Mr. Petras is a member of the Kiwanis, he and his wife have been actively serving the community for many years. Kyle Little is holding a collaboration 9-ply Skate deck donated by Elements Boardshop, Wisconsin Dells, These are being sold for only $40.00 with 100% of the proceeds going to the Skate Park. If Anyone interested in purchasing one may contact the committee by contacting us in the Contact page or stop in at a Tuesday evening meeting. Meetings are being held at The Gerstenkorn Administration Meeting on East Slifer St from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.

Congratulations to Billy Paul for raising the most funds during the 1st  Annual Portage Family Skate Park Youth Fundraiser !  He won a limited edition Portage Skate Deck and gave it to a friend because he already had one of his own!  Way to be generous Billy! 


Make donations payable to: Kiwanis
Memo: Skate board park.
Mail to:
c/o Rita: Skateboard Park,
Prairie Flower Beads,
210 W Cook Street, Portage, WI 53901





 An Interview with Keegan

 Keegan has come to almost all of the Portage Family Skate Park Project meetings.  He'll be going into 8th grade this year and got his first skateboard when he was only 3 years old but it wasn't until he was 9 that he really learned how to skateboard. 

"My dad is a skateboarder so it's something we did because he did.  I was 9 when I really started paying attention and did my first ollie."  Keegan continued talking but I had to ask him to slow down and explain something.

I asked: "What is an Ollie?"  He smiled patiently and answered with a smile, "Oh, well an ollie is basically jumping with the skateboard.  It's when you pop yourself up with the board."  I nodded and said, 'Oh!  You mean when you kinda jump up a little and the skateboard comes of the ground?!"  Yes! he nodded his head and said, 'You understand! "  I told him I thought some people would be laughing when they read this and learn how ignorant I am.  He said he didn't think they will and I guess I don't care if they do - I laugh at my ignorance from time to time myself, nice to have a chuckle once in awhile. 

"What do you like best about skateboarding Keegan?"  'The extremeness of the sport.  I mean, I'm an adrenaline junkie I guess.  I like taking risks with my board and the rush it gives me.  I like pushing myself and it's not a bad way to get a rush."  I nodded in agreement.  Do you enjoy any other sports Keegan?  Well, I just started racing motorcycles, motor cross races and I'll probably get to play basketball this year." 

It sounds like you're a busy person Keegan.  Do you think you will ever become a competitive skater?  "Competitive?  Well, I sorta am now - I competed in a random competition at the Baraboo Skate Park when I was 12 and took 1st place.  I couldn't participate this year because I was busy participating in fundraising for our own park this year. I'm excited about the Skate Park.  I'm a street skater, there are vert skaters, ramp skaters and street skaters."  

Will you be using the Skate Park then, if you are a street skater?  "Yes!  like I said I'm excited because our park is going to have steps and rails and that's what street skaters like, hills, steps and rails.  I'll for certain be using the Portage Skate Park!  I go to different skate parks in Madison, Monona and Milwaukee.  The one  in Monona has a pool nearby so I skate, swim and go skate again.  It's great!" 

Do you have a lot of skateboarder friends Keegan?  "Oh, I'd say probably about 10 or so, there used to be more of us but some haven't stuck with it as long as the rest of us.  That's ok, some I'm still friends with but they don't skate.  Keegan said so far he's only had one injury while skateboarding.  He broke his arm when he was younger, but it healed up just fine and is actually stronger than his other arm. It freaked me out more than hurt - but I got over it and it didn't stop me from skating or doing other things.  The most common injury is a rolled ankle and that hasn't happened to me."

Will you be skateboarding and doing some tricks at The Taste of Portage this year?  "Yes!  anyone can come on the 24th and bring their board with them.  My Dad is going to bring some ramps, rails and a grindbox."  (that reminded me of a monkey with a box, you know - so I had to ask for an explanation)  A grindbox is basically as wide as two or three park table benches and is raised up off the ground a little bit."

I really enjoyed talking with keegan at the potluck picnic we had for the first annual Youth Fundraiser Contest. I'm even more convinced we are moving in the right direction on behalf of the youth in our community. - June Paul, Secretary for the Portage Family Skate Park Project.


"No child left inside"  Mayor William Tierney Portage, Wisconsin

What size is our Skate Park Going to Be?  Will it be Big Enough? Too Big?

Those are questions we've been hearing from some people.  Our Skate Park dimensions are sized out to be 75' by 110'  (The Splash Pad is 30 X 30) so the Skate Park is planned to be significantly larger.  We think it will be a great size for our community.

 Upcoming Events


August 24th - Taste of Portage - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm  Skateboard Demonstrations.

September 7th - 1st Annual Skateboard Marathon. 

see our website for more information and registration

 September 7th - Volleyball Tournament, Rileys  11:00 am - until tournament ends.

September 14th - Kids Day Culver's  10:00 am - 1:00 pm 100% of the proceeds go to the PFSP.