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Danny’s Birthday Wish

The following is a quote, verbatim,Β  from Tiffany Stensrud, mother of 13 year old Danny: My

You’ve Got Mail.

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Youth Fundraiser!

  Bring your sheets provided below with the donations to the Portage Family Skate Park meetings

Explore, Create, Express – Dennis Witt

This is video I had done next to the article about, “Why Portage Should Have a

Portage/Elements Collaboration Deck!

Want to buy a Portage Family Skate Deck? You can buy one by messaging Portage Family

Safety First.

Safety is a big factor in any sport and it is no different in skateboarding. We

Portage Police Chief joins in on the effort.

The Portage Family Skate Park Project held an evening meeting on Tuesday, May 21st with Chief

You Can Donate!

You can donate for the cause! All you have to do is send your donations to:

Portage Family Skate Park at Canal Days!

Canal Days is a weekend dedicated to the history of the Portage, Wisconsin. It is an

Madison Wisconsin NBC15 News Reports Our Efforts!

NBC15 Madison:   Madeline Anderson with President Kyle Little of the City of Portage Park and