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Portage Family Skate Park Committee & Volunteers 

“The Mission of The Portage Family Skate Park Project is to build a multi-generational Skate Park Plaza for Skateboarders of a variety of ages, skills and abilities. Our Skate Park Plaza will be a family friendly, safe environment for all who come to the park.” Talk to your tax advisor to see if your Donations to Portage Skate Park are deductible”

Kyle Little & Family

Kyle Little & Family

Kyle Little: President Http://Portageskatepark.Org  – Committee Phone:608.697.5960

Jill Hagan

Jill Hagan: Volunteer

Micah Shapiro

Micah Shapiro: Grindline Skateparks – PFSP Designer

April Anderson

April Anderson: Fundraising Volunteer

Klay Vehring

Klay Vehring: Financial Adviser Edward Jones. Committee 

Chuck Thompson

Chuck Thompson: Volunteer

Rich Jacobson

Rich Jacobson: Positively Portage Chairman/Fiscal Sponsor 501c3. Committee

Sandy Gunderson

Sandy Gunderson: Fundraising Specialists
Rita Briant

Rita Briant

Rita Briant: Treasury – Committee


Dee: 94.1 WJJO Fundraising

Elyse Clouthier

Elyse Clouthier: PFSP Phase 2 builder volunteer/Grindline Skateparks

James Klinedinst

James Klinedist: Project manager Phase 2 Grindline Skateparks
Andrew Tamminga

Andrew Tamminga

Andrew Tamminga: Volunteer

RJ Irvin & Crystal Yeager

RJ Irvin & Crystal Yeager: Volunteer Collection Agents

Wendy Mitchell

 Wendy Mitchell: Fundraising

Marilyn Davis

Marilyn Davis: Fundraising

Fred Galley

Fred Galley: Volunteer

93.1 Jamz

Tracy Anderson, Fish Calloway, and Krista Uelmen: Fundraising

Larry & Dez Grin

Larry & Dez Grin: Fundraising

Drew Schmidt

Drew Schmidt: Sr. Art Director Committee

Ryan Grotzke

Ryan Grotzke: Fundraising

Jesse McDowell


Jesse McDowell: PFSP builder Phase 1 Dreamland Skateparks


Tim Trudell, mikeylikes_shit, skate_dui, snarlinghate, jasonbinkey, jerseyjim5050, nocoastsk8boards, and farmstock2: PFSP builders Phase 2 Grindline Skateparks