“The Portage Family Skate Park Project is a labor of love. I didn’t go into this just with the idea of making a skate park but with the determination to bring the community of Portage together.”
President of PFSP – Kyle Little
Would you like to sponsor our efforts, please email us at Portageskatepark@gmail.com


LS Movement
The LS Movement focuses on giving back to the skate community and creating positivity through skateboarding. Portions of proceeds go toward different charities and causes such as The Skatepark Project, Portage Skatepark, and others. They also collect and donate skateboards and parts to be assembled and distributed to kids in need in local skateparks and through Boards for Bros. Vince and the LS Movement are passionate about getting involved in independent skateparks and DIY parks all around the country and are always open to new projects.

The LS Movement has pledged 10% of the total sales on their website using the code “portage” to be donated right to the Portage Skatepark fund for the phase 3 construction as well as donating prizes for fundraising raffles and events.
Portage, Wisconsin Kiwanis https://www.portagekiwanis.com/
Portage, Wisconsin United Methodist Church http://www.portageumc.com/
Positively Portage http://www.positivelyportage.org/
Prairie Flower Beads
Portage, WI Prairie Flower Beads https://www.prairieflowerbeads.com/
General Engineering Logo
Portage, WI General Engineering Company https://www.generalengineering.net/
FNA Tony Hawk Foundation www.skatepark.org/
Portage, WI Elks Lodge #675 https://www.elks.org/lodges/contactus.cfm?LodgeNumber=0675
Two Rivers Signs & Designs Of Portage
Portage, WI Two Rivers Signs & Designs Of Portage http://www.tworiverssigns.com/