First Brat Hut of 2015!

First Brat Hut of 2015!

It was a rainy and foreboding morning on Saturday, May 30th, but that didn’t stop the Portage Family Skatepark Project from breaking out the grill at Pierce’s for our first Brat Hutt of the summer. The combination of gloomy weather and the Portage Canal Days Parade and downtown events made our odds of making a profit slim.

Once we got the grill going, and the smell of brats made its way to the parking lot folks started to meander over for brats and conversation. Kyle Little and Andrew Tamminga soon got back in the groove of selling brats for the skatepark. They even found it a bit more enjoyable to work with the addition of music this year.

By 2pm the Portage Family Skatepark Project had raised a total of $21 in profit. It seems meager but considering our other events held for the PFSP that day raised $100+ in funds, the money raised for the skatepark was substantial yet again.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a brat on such a dreary morning. We are very happy to have this opportunity to raise money with the help of Pierce’s. If you don’t like brats but shop at Pierce’s you can also donate by designating the Portage family Skatepark Project on your Pierces rewards card, our charity rewards number is -1703-.

It can get boring in the Brat Hutt when no customers are around. Kyle and Andrew could use some fresh volunteers to work the many Brat Hutts the PFSP have planned this summer. The dates are all on Saturdays from 10 till 2pm; June 13th & 20th, July 11th & 13th, August 8th & 22nd, September 5th & 19th. To volunteer message us on Facebook, Twitter, or our website Pick a day to volunteer, we’ll handle the rest.