Canal Days is a celebration

Canal Days is a celebration of the unique history in Portage, Wisconsin.  Portage is the home of one of the most unique flat lands in the history of the world.  For thousands of years people crossed over the flat land between the Wisconsin and Fox Rivers.  These rivers are the closest connecting waterways dividing North America in half, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.  In the 1800’s Portage dug the canal.  No longer did people cross over the land.  Now, they crossed through it, by boat.

The Portage Family Skate Park loves our city’s history, showing up with brats, waving at parade goers, playing music, and making everyone feel welcome.  We were given a great location in Commerce Plaza, under the pavilion and right next to a family-staffed 1880’s live variety show, called A3.  Thanks, Fred Galley, for organizing these details.  We are lucky to have received such a great set up!

A huge thank you goes to our extremely helpful and good natured volunteers, Ari Garber, Cory Otto, and Liz Gregory!  You guys make our community great, not just because you volunteer.  Ari has been a great friend and supporter to the Skate Park.  Watch for his brand of coffee, Old Goat Coffee to make an entrance into the Portage scene.  Cory is always willing to help, certainly the #1 preferred real estate agent in Portage.  And Liz is a fantastic artist and co-owner of the Mercantile in downtown Portage.  Head on down to check out her pottery.

Canal Days is a celebration of the unique history in Portage.  A history celebrated by a community that is forward moving.  The future is bright with probabilities in Portage, and the PFSP loves our city’s future!