Round 1 Chilli Cook off for the PFSP!

Thank You to…

Special thanks to our event chair, Kyle Little, for his work in making this event such a success!  Kyle, and David opened the Church to fellowship and great eats on 01/31/2020.  The volunteers are always courteous and helpful and we simply can’t thank them enough!

We also owe a huge thanks to the following:

The Portage Presbyterian Church board members – for taking the time to open the hall for the betterment of the community.

Chili Cook Off Judges – for selflessly giving of your time and taste buds in the name of chilli. AKA our guests lol.

Portage Fire Department & Portage Police Department – for keeping our volunteers and attendees safe, for being on call, and for going above and beyond your duties while providing great Chilies for our guests.

Community Volunteers – for the hours of service you provided during this event.

Of course, this event wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of Portage, Wisconsin.  Not only do they support the pfsp, but Portage residents also volunteer countless hours in preparation for our events and on the day of the event as well. Together we made over $1,000 during our PPD vs PFD event. Be proud be #Portageproud

The winner is….. Portage Fire Department!

All donations double so please visit and smash that donation tab!!!! #phase2 #pfsp @portagesk8park