President: Kyle Little

Art Director: Andrew Tamminga

Donating time and heart

By Brooke McGee

Team rider and local supporter of the Portage Family Skate Park (PFSP) Brandon Hanson has once again thought of others instead of himself. A devoted supporter of the PFSP,

Brandon has given more than just the gift of time. An area skateboarder, Brandon graciously donated numerous one-of-a-kind, personally signed decks to the project.. Of the gifts he gave to Portage, one of those exact boards became an enticing raffle prize at a recent PFSP fundraising event.

Taking place on February 18, a Chicken Soup Fundraiser was held at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church. One thing many did not know though was how precious the raffle prize was. On October 11, 2008, our community almost lost Brandon. Despite the lingering effects of his injury, his generosity and soul are unchanged. Brandon also is a rider for Elements Board Shop of WI Dells, participating in charitable events and spends time volunteering with children.

Brandon’s one-of-a-kind custom skateboard deck drew the attention of many. Tickets, sold for $5 each, went in abundance. Hopeful community members crossed their fingers for a chance to win the board. (We greatly encourage you to check out Brandon’s YouTube channel at!)

The 6 p.m. bell closed the Soup Dinner down, but more was yet to come. A gleeful committee member’s daughter was the lucky little lady chosen to pick the one, bright orange ticket. Stirring her hand, just a little, she drew one with confidence… and gave a gift that will always be cherished.

Though the winner was not present at the time, PFSP President Kyle Little went out of his way, personally delivering the deck to their home. “When you almost lose someone and you give a prize with this much sentimental value,” Kyle said, “you make sure it arrives safe.”

The Portage Family Skate Park project would like to thank all those who purchased an opportunity to receive such a memorable gift. To Brandon Hanson, who has shown support and dedication to this project reliably, we especially thank you.

Fortunately, those who did not win the deck still have a shot at owning one in the future. An ongoing project is nearing completion and production is hopefully near for Brandon’s line. (Red tape, eye roll…) If you would like to contact Brandon you can do so by emailing him at or through Facebook at


Portage Family Skate Park Marathon

Saturday September 6th, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

As featured on Travel Wisconsin.Com

<Please click the links below to download and print forms >

2014 PFSP Marathon Rules and Regulations

2014 PFSP Marathon Registration Waiver

Portage Family Skate Park Marathon

Rules and Regulations

  • You must register to participate in this event. Preregistration and day of registration: $20.00

  • Preregistered participants will receive an event T-shirt the day of the event (T-shirts must be picked up in person at the event or they will be forfeit), participants that register the day of the event will not receive a t-shirt unless there are some available to purchase.

  • Deadline to preregister is August 19th.

  • Preregistration payment A. May be brought to weekly meetings: Gerstenkorn Administration Building 305 East Slifer Street Portage, Wisconsin 53901 Room 20 5-6:30 PM B. May be sent to: PFSP Marathon 327 River Street Portage WI 53901 Checks should be made out to: Kyle Little-Portage Family Skate Park Please put Marathon in the memo space. C. T-Shirt Size must be indicated on Preregistration form and check memo. Shirt Sizes XXL and above are not available.

  • This event will not be rescheduled. Possible reasons the event would be canceled include but are not limited to: Rain, extreme heat, tornado.

  • Participants must be dropped off at the start point, 831 East Edgewater Street is the closest physical address “the east end of east Edgewater.”, no later than 10AM so that the event can start at 10:30, there will not be parking at the start point but there is parking at Riverside Park (end point).

  • The event starts at 10:30, NO REGISTRATION WILL BE DONE AFTER 10:30 and THERE CAN BE NO LATE STARTS.

  • All participants must follow local laws and follow direction given by event officials and volunteers.

  • All participants must bring and wear a helmet.

  • The purpose of this event is to raise money for the skate park and awareness for our sport so it is necessary that all participants show the utmost courtesy to anyone they might encounter during the event. Violation of this will result in expulsion from the event. Official and volunteers call Todd to report infractions: 608-334-4779 In the event of a major emergency call 911 and report the incident to an official and/or volunteer.


We will be gathering at Riverside Park after the event, please join us to talk skating and more. Bring food if you wish.



Kevin Kellogg, Morning Announcer  and Jesse Garon, News Director for Magnum Broadcasting are both excited about The Portage Family Skate Park Project and about their new shirts.  Jesse interviewed the Projects President, Kyle Little at 11:00 am on Wednesday, February 18th



Matt Russell received a limited edition Portage Skate Park Skate Deck from Kyle Little at Tuesdays’ (Jan. 28th) meeting.

Matt won the Skate Deck by participating in an online contest that simply said ‘Like and share our Post’ . . . the person who generated the most likes and shares won the contest.  Originally there was a three way tie so the contest was extended and Matt Russell not only took the lead in the contest but took home a free Portage Family Skate Deck donated by Elements Board Shop.

Thank you Matt for supporting and generating interest in The Portage Family Skate Park Project.



Did you know that if every resident in the City of Portage donated $20 to The Portage Family Skate Park Project it would be fully funded?

Did you know that if every business in Portage and the surrounding area donated just $130 to The Portage Family Skate Park project it would be fully funded?

Did you know if:

1000 people gave $210 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

2000 people gave $105 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

3000 people gave just $70 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

3500 people gave just $60 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

4000 people gave just $52.50 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

5000 people gave just $42 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

6000 people gave just $35 the Skate Park would be fully funded?

Did you know your financial contributions are tax deductible because the project is fiscally sponsored by Kiwanis?

Did you know that there have been youth in Portage that have wanted a Skate Park for over 20 years?

Do you know how to contribute?

Make your check payable to Kiwanis

Write:  Portage Family Skate Park in the memo section.

Mail or bring your check to Rita @ Prairie Flower Beads, 210 West Cook Street,  Portage  WI 53901

Check out a lookback at the Time Life article from the ’60s that introduced the world to skateboarding via an upside down woman in a red sweater.

Hit the Deck: LIFE Goes Skateboarding, 1965

Getting closer! Let’s keep it up!

 By Brooke McGee

Thanks to the Portage community and the generosity of St. John’s Baptist Episcopal Church, the Portage Family Skate Park project (PFSP) is even closer to achieving their goal. Roughly $600 closer in fact! Bowl by bowl and with dessert options galore, the community came together not only for a delicious meal but for a good cause.

With over $50,000 raised to date, enthusiasm continues to build for the upcoming project. It is no surprise that the February 18 Soup Fundraiser was such a success. Aside from the delicious homemade soups, tantalizing smells and lively atmosphere, the spirit of the event stood out the most.

Throughout the day guests came and gone. Despite the hustle and bustle, there were times between “rush hour” to reflect and be grateful. Take outs were available as well and “taken” advantage of by many.

In addition to the committee board and volunteers, certain individuals and businesses in particular provided notable assistance. Brandon Hanson, local skateboarder, graciously donated a one-of-a-kind personally signed deck for a raffle prize. (Multiple ones, in fact, for Christmas!) After almost tragically losing Brandon on October 11, 2008, the value of the raffle prize is immeasurable. With the tickets sold, one lucky child was able to select the winner at the end of the evening, choosing one name from a basket of prospects.

Nik Ibrami, co-owner and operator of one of Portage’s newest quality restaurants, The Red Apple, donated not only time, but an abundance of homemade soups and fresh rolls. Taking time off from his busy schedule, Nik also helped serve and assist with the PFSP supporters and guests. Alongside him, and also providing soup donations, La Tolteca manager, Alonso, contributed resources and time.

“We have to do that,” Nik insisted. “We have to help. I have my own kids. We need to support them, all of the kids. It’s not about giving them what they want it’s about giving them what they need- what will help them. Right now, they need places of to have fun that encourage sports. I’d rather they were outside.” With the attitude and compassion behind Nik and his budding business, it is no surprise that the restaurant has a regular customer base.

Sleeves pulled up to help, Joshua Paul, a former Portage resident, spent his morning traveling from Milwaukee to donate his time. Because of his history in the area, Joshua wants nothing but the best for Portage’s future. “My family is involved,” Joshua pointed out. “There is very little for entertainment in Portage. It’s about variety, we need more variety and we need these kids involved in activities. Goodyear Park is becoming a centralized location and will bring business, it’s good for our downtown. The city sees that, that’s why they are backing us up. It’s a family-themed design. I don’t doubt for a second that families will come help with upkeep.”

Joshua wasn’t the only one who traveled so far to show their support. With some driving from over an hour away for a bowl of soup, the evidence speaks for itself that this skatepark is desired.

Because of the outpouring of donations, leftovers still remained despite the amount of sales. As a way of giving back, Portage organizations were cheerfully surprised when goodie-baskets arrived. Due to the hospitality of St. John’s Baptist Episcopal Church, the PFSP did what they could to show their gratitude with the remaining donations. These donations would not have been possible without the generosity of Red Apple Restaurant, La Tolteca, Northwoods, Big Dogs, Culvers and  Molto Bene Cupcakes. For those who wished to remain anonymous for their donations, we still “anonymously” say thank you!

Even if you missed the soup, (and the cupcakes…) you can still get that “comfort food” feeling by donating time, energy or supplies.. What? Time?! Who has time to donate? Well, actually… a text message, wall post or Tweet takes, what, ten seconds? Would you be willing to donate to your community that?

Ok here’s where it gets good… Drum roll please….(!) An exciting competition known as “Be the Change,” sponsored by the charitable Sheckler Foundation, will soon be reviewing an entry from the PFSP. If selected as a finalist, a social media competition will decide which community is given the gift of “change.” Coming soon!!!  Your ten seconds could make all the difference.

For little effort, you too can be a part of the change and help our downtown thrive once again. Please check out the PFSP on your cell, tablet or computer at Support bracelets are currently available at Portage’s downtown business, Prairie Flower Beads, for a mere $2. Other events are listed online for your convenience. Want to stay updated even easier? Follow the PFSP on Twitter @Portagesk8park or on Questions? Contact the PFSP online at

By Brooke McGee

David Mayhew, retired pro-skater, has far from given up his board. Now, he spends his time giving back to the community in addition to co-owning and operating Alumni Skateshop in Madison, WI. In addition to this, David is working with the Madison Skatepark Fund to bring the first public skateboard park to the city of Madison.

“Skateboarding has given me so much,” David said. “I want to give back now. It’s a great sport and teaches you self-confidence.”

Growing up in Madison, David had attempted to inspire energy within the city to raise a skate park. Although that dream did not aspire at that time, he did not give up on his goals. After eventually retiring from pro skateboarding, David returned from San Diego, picking up where he left off.

“In a way it was a gift,” David said about the skate park he wanted in the past. “There’s a lot we have learned over the years in terms of building a safe and adequate park. What would have been outdated by now will be a very modern skate park that has decades of research behind it. It will be able to bridge generation gaps that weren’t always addressed before.”

That thought uniquely supports the mission of the Portage Family Skate Park as well, with age diversity one of the motivations behind the design of Goodyear Park of Portage, WI. Another common thread? A determined and persevering desire to produce a safe and legal skate park for their communities.

“Stigmas are being broken,” David said with enthusiasm. “Skating is everywhere. You see it in movies, you’ve seen it in Nike® commercials, in videogames, everywhere. And then after that, they tell kids- you can’t skate here, we won’t provide a park. That’s just frustrating. Skateboarding is a legitimate sport. Safety needs to be taught, just like it is with football and concussions.”

According to, there are more than 2,000 public skate parks across the country, more than five times as many as 1996. With the support seen, partnered with the rising enthusiasm beginning to boil in Madison as well as Portage, it is undeniable that the demand is here. Along with that, comes the demand for skate shops.

Because of the increasing attention skateboarding is gaining, Alumni Boardshop is on the verge of expansion. A second shop will be opening in June at 1150 Williamson St. in Madison, directly near the future site of Madison’s own upcoming skate park. A hope that Kyle Little, President of the Portage Family Skate Park Project also holds, to instill a board shop of his own, right in Portage.

“I’m an advocate for as many good parks as possible David stated, “Because I never had it. My friends and I would drive to Rockford where they had an indoor park at the time.” That memory is one that fortunately Portage and Madison youth alike will not have to grow with.

“Skateboarding has a lot of big names behind it and it brings tourism to your area, that’s something city governments and business owners need to realize,” David says. “I have my friends who are heading to demonstration or promotional tours in Chicago or Minneapolis and when they give me a call, I’ve had to tell them we didn’t have a park. Now, all that is changing.”

Alumni will be hosting a venue featuring a new skateboarding video premiere at Madison’s Majestic Theatre on Sunday, March 16. “We Do It” is Alumni’s fourth video premier, filmed and edited by the skaters themselves. A $5 minimum donation is requested with additional opportunities to purchase tickets at $5 each for one-of-a-kind and other skate-related memorabilia. Funds are being generously contributed to the MSF. With winter upon us, this is the perfect opportunity to show our support, educate yourself, or merely take in entertainment and be amazed at the talent and athleticisms that skateboarding can offer.

You can find out more about Alumni Boardshop (and see their other videos) at, or by following them on Twitter at @Alumniboardshop. The Portage Family Skate Park wishes to extend a sincere thank you to David Mayhew for his generous time donated to this interview. In addition to his time, David has autographed one of PFSP’s custom boards for an upcoming raffle to show his support and assist in fundraising efforts for Portage’s own skate park (to be announced). For upcoming information on this raffle, check out the PFSP at or follow the park on @Portagesk8park or on Facebook.

"I just want to skate to have fun!"

The quote is from a young boy who was talking about why he wanted a Skate Park in the City of Portage.  That's a good thing!  More kids want to skate for fun rather then becoming a  competitive skater. That's a healthy attitude for children and their families to take into this project. 

- June Paul

Current and Future Fundraiser Events

The Portage Family Skate Park would like to thank our Art Director Andrew Tamminga for this ad. We would also like to thank for the recycling program that they offer and that has inspired us to do the same in Portage, Wisconsin. 100% of the proceeds from our recycling program will go to the Portage Family Skate Park. Hit us up on Twitter. Http://


Keith's Recycling Inc.

We take Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel and Iron. Any of these metals may be donated for the Portage Family Skate Park Project. 

How would you like the chance to win a limited edition Portage family skate park deck/Elements board shop deck signed By Pro Skater David “Dave” Mayhew in March?

You can win a Limited Edition

 We are holding an Online Donation Skatedeck Bid-a-Thon in March, 2014.

Opening Bid is $40.00 USA dollars placed by Kyle Little.


 Place and enter your bid via the Paypal account listed below

Be sure to specify Dave Mayhew Skatedeck in the memo on Paypal.



  • Bids are not cumulative and No Refunds will be given.1 (e.g. bidder #1 bids/donates $45, bidder #2 bids/donates $50, bidder #1 decides to try again and bids/donates $55-now bidder #1 has donated $100 and their high bid is $55, etc...)

  • Your full information must be confirmed.

  • You may not retract your bid under any circumstances.

  • The First bid must be $45.00 USA dollars

  • Bids must increase by $5.00 USA dollars example $45, $50, $55, $60 and to be considered donation/bid

  • You may bid as often as you want and knowingly that your bid is a donation and only will be one winner.

  • Bids will be updated by The Portage Family Skate Park Project President as they become available on The Portage Family Skate Park facebook page:

  • If the winner is outside a 30 mile radius of Portage WI they agree to pay the shipping or come to pick it up.

  • Winner agrees to take a photo with the signed board and share on all social networks tagging The Portage Family Skate Park Project

  • Winner will also email a copy or copies of photo(s) and include a few lines about participation in the online auction and winning the Skate deck.

  • “Photos and content to be used by The Portage Family Skate Park Project at their discretion.’ Any inappropriate photos will not be displayed and all tags removed.

  • If these guidelines are not adhered to winner is subject to returning the board in its original condition at their expense and bid money will not be refunded.

  • The contest will run through the month of March, 2014.

  • Winner will be announced on our Facebook page on 4/08/14.

                                                       ^PayPal Account Link^


Remember to specify Dave Mayhew Skatedeck in the memo on Paypal.


1You may bid more than once but your bids are considered a donation as well as a bid and not refundable.

(e.g. bidder #1 bids/donates $45, bidder #2 bids/donates $50, bidder #1 decides to try again and bids/donates $55-now bidder #1 has donated $100 and their high bid is $55, etc...)


David "Dave" Mayhew is a retired professional skateboarder/ Due to his fluid technical abilities he was a member of two ‘super-teams’ in the late nineties: The A-Team and Enjoi. Dave retired from skateboarding to become owner and operator of a Skate Shop in his home town of Madison, Wisconsin. Dave designed the best selling Skate Shoe of all time. His pro-model skate shoe, the D3 made by Osiris. He is now living a vegan lifestyle. Alumni Boardshop Threepeat Alumnation 2008


Sport: Skateboarding - Street Style

Professional Skateboarder-1993-2003

Alumni Boardshop Owner - Madison, WI 

Tuesday Feb 18 @ St John the Baptist 211 W Pleasant Street Portage, Wisconsin. Serving 11:30 am - 6:00pm. This Fundraising event is a benefit for the Portage Family Skate Park Project. Would you like to donate food items or plastic or paper items email us at or how about volunteer click the link Meal to include Soup, roll and drink-Milk, Coffee or Water for 5$ or include a dessert with your meal for 7$. We will have shirts for sale for 10$ and Sticker packs for 3$ a sheet. Also, 1 hooded zip up sweatshirt for 40$. Limited edition PFSP/Elements decks for 40$.There will also be buy-a-square-game-board for your chance to win a one of a kind skatedeck signed by Pro AM Rider Brandon Hanson. 5$ a square.

Portage Family Skate Park Chicken Soup Fundraiser a Success!


With a veritable smorgasbord of chicken soup – Mexican, Chinese, Cream of Chicken with Rice, Chicken Dumpling, Chicken ‘n Rice and Chicken Noodle for the main course and desserts of varieties too many to count the Skate Park Project made over $600 today!

Not bad for first try.  Thank you to St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church for allowing The PFSP Committee to use your beautiful space to welcome supporters of the Skate Park Project!  Some supporters drove an hour and half to enjoy the smorgasboard, others came from work to pick up soup to go and some families came for their evening meal.

Thank you for supporting the Project!


Sometimes because of reasons out of our control we neglect our health. PFSP and Healthsource of Portage Have come together to benefit you and us. Print these coupons skate Park coupon and give them to friends, family and loved ones. This could be an early holiday gift for someone. Your health is no laughing matter. *BIG NEWS* This offer has been extended to the end of February.

Pizza Hut is wrapping up a deal with the PFSP!

Pizza Hut is wrapping up a deal with the PFSP!


Visit the local Portage, Wisconsin Pizza Hut and enjoy great pizza while the little ones color on one of a kind PFSP coloring sheets. Get your flier and learn how you can help this great project. Also, Pizza Hut will be excepting donations on our behalf. Find information hear or call 608.742.8829

 A Brief History of Skateboarding

From President: Kyle Little

1958: The skateboard is made from roller skates attached to a board. This is really where it all starts. As surfing becomes more popular, skating becomes a way to surf when there are no waves—"sidewalk surfing."

1959: "Roller Derby" mass produces a skateboard with metal wheels.

1963-66: Surfboard companies like Makaha and Hobie start making better-quality skateboards with clay wheels and trucks that are made for skating. The first skate contest is put on in Hermosa Beach, California, in 1963.

In 1964, the musical group Jan and Dean appear on Dick Clark's American Bandstand and sing "Sidewalk Surfing." Dean does a few simple tricks and rides the board across the stage.

Around this time, Surfer Magazine puts out a quarterly magazine called Skateboarder. Only four issues are printed. This same year, ABC Wide World of Sports broadcasts the Skateboarding Championships.

1973: With the invention of urethane wheels, new possibilities emerge. What once was a noisy, bumpy ride is now smooth and silent. Banks and ditches become skateable, as these new wheels can grip the concrete. Surfers like Larry Bertlemann inspire a new and radical form of skating, as surfing begins to turn toward a shorter board with more fluid moves. From this point on, skating will never be the same.

1973-75: Fiberglass boards made by surf shops out of fin material become popular with the surf crowd. Companies experiment making skateboard decks, using everything from wood to aluminum. The first full-length skate movie, Spinnin' Wheels, is released.

1976-78: The California drought forces homeowners to drain their pools. Though skaters have been riding swimming pools since the introduction of urethane wheels the previous year, they now view the empty pools as territory to be conquered. New tricks are invented daily—aerials, inverts, and the ollie. Many concrete parks are also being built, and the first professional skaters begin to receive notice. However, many skate parks are forced to close because of low attendance and high insurance rates.

1980s: Street skating turns handrails and walls into free skate parks. Skater-owned companies become more and more common.

1990s: Skateboarding takes a giant step into the mainstream with the 1995 ESPN's Extreme Games, becoming more of a spectator sport. By the late 90s, skating appears in commercials for everything from soft drinks to phone companies. Fashion trends begin to reflect the influence of the skating crowd.

2000: Skating can now be enjoyed by children as young as two, but the majority of skaters range from early teens to twenties. Many cities have built high quality skate parks, and a number of camps and lessons are available to young people. Some families even enjoy skating as a family activity.

2006: This brings us to today. Scholastic News Online launches a special report dedicated to skateboarding—"Kids On Board."

Now that you know about the history of skateboarding, it's time to grab your board and get out there.

Happy—and Safe—Skating!

 Many Hands Will Make

The Portage Family Skate Park a Reality!


If You Can Help



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                Thank You for Helping!

Brick Fundraiser!

Download yours today and help us build a skate park for tomorrow.



Make donations payable to: Kiwanis
Memo: Skate board park.
Mail to:
c/o Rita: Skateboard Park,
Prairie Flower Beads,
210 W Cook Street, Portage, WI 53901


We also are Paypal Verified! PayPal is the faster, safer way to Donate.


"No child left inside"  Mayor William Tierney Portage, Wisconsin

What size is our Skate Park Going to Be?  Will it be Big Enough? Too Big?

  Our Skate Park is expected to be about 75' by 110' 

In comparison

The Splash Pad is 30' X 30'


A basketball court is 94' by 50'

  We think it will be a great size for our community AND it will be great for all skill levels!