Safety First.

Safety is a big factor in any sport and it is no different in skateboarding. We urge people to be safe and protect their heads and/or everything else. We press this issue because our dear friend Brandon Hanson had an accident on October 12th, 2008. He was at Lake Delton skating the bowl like always until he got caught up while trying to do an air and tried to kick his board away. The board ended up back under his feet and it shot him backwards and caused him to hit his head with enough trauma to swell his brain. He was soon rushed to the UW Hospital where in order to reduce the swelling they had to put him under a drug induced coma. For a week he was in this coma and being treated in ICU for his swelling. He had tubes in his head to relieve the pressure being built up. After the first week was over he had awakened from his coma not knowing what had happened. It took Brandon months before he stepped on to his board again. When he skates now he puts on his helmet so he knows he won’t have to go through that again.

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