Portage Skate Park Independence Day Parade Float Places 3rd!

TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More

TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do
So with helmets and boards their excitement was sparked
They were off for fun and adventure at the Portage Family Skate Park!

Wow! Our little old lady who lived in a shoe and took the kids to the Skate Park won 3rd place in the Portage Independence Day Parade! Of course she had a lot of help getting that shoe built, thank you Earl LaReau for your excellent craftsmanship. Andrew Tamminga added his special touch with getting the poem on the board. Riley was the little old and special thanks Bobby Lopez and JJ Troia for driving her and some of her friends and family safely through the parade! Cant forget President Kyle Little for his leadership. There are so many people to thank we can’t name everybody but without Jayda Strabely and Melissa Paul coordinating these events they wouldn’t be happening. So accolades to both of them. Todd Miller’s presence and leadership of the skateboarders is so welcomed as was Heather Lopez’s childcare skills! It’s so fun having the Skateboarders be able to make their presence known and their skills shown!
People are really taking notice and we even received an invitation to participate in the Taste of Portage events on August 24th with showcasing Skateboarding Skills.

– June Paul, Secretary

Skate Shoe

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