PFSP Perspective: Brandon Hanson

There is no formula or set amount of hours you have to log in to skateboarding to do great things. You can’t expect success over night and be able to do everything. Skateboarding has no limits, nor does the skateboarder themselves. In skateboarding your goals can be endless and you can choose on what you want to accomplish. There is no coach, trainer and set rules to tell you how to skateboard. It is always about Exploring, Creating, Expressing.

Brandon Hanson has always set new bounds for himself time and time again and it has never stopped, not even once. Brandon and I would always swift through ideas on what we could do around town. “I’m thinking I’m going to do these stairs, with this trick…” so on and so forth. It was always a constant swirl of motovation for each other to pump each other up over the idea of just skateboarding. Although Brandon is having issues with his knee at the moment he has had the time to gift wrap us a video of himself at the Lake Delton Skate Park.

He is a local at the Lake Delton Skate Park where mostly everyone down there knows him. He takes pride in that park and he takes care of it when things need to be taken care of. I always see him picking up trash, cleaning things out, and helping kids if they ask for his help. I hope you enjoy his video he has made for you and us.


– Dennis J. Witt