Excitement levels rise over 1st Annual Skateboard Marathon

The committee and people in our city are getting excited about PFSP’s First Annual Skateboard Marathon this coming Saturday.

We are hoping for a great turnout as we are so close to reaching our Matching Grant Challenge of $5000 from the Tony Hawk Foundation.

Our goal is to raise $90,000 by early next summer.  When we reach that goal we can start breaking ground and get the first (and most expensive) section of our Skate Park Plaza built.  This section will be the one that has skill levels for all skateboarders – it will be great for beginners and more.  This section will allow us to hold events which will bring other people into the area, not only to skate but to eat and shop and maybe even sleep or camp in the area.

But for now – we’re looking for a lot of locals and even some from out of town to come to Portage this weekend and help make The First Annual PFSP Skate Board Marathon a success!  Parents may and are encouraged to participate even if they don’t skateboard – they can be with their children, encourage them and just have some good family fun time together!