Library Presentation Recap

Warm cookies, high-quality newsletter graphics and enthusiastic supporter Mayor Tierney weren’t the only topics that took place on November 18. The Portage Family Skate Park project conducted a community presentation at the Portage Public Library that evening and much to our delight, attendants ranged from mere five years old to well beyond.


From light, friendly conversation right down to legitimate, honest concerns, open communication was shared across the tables of the library Bidwell Room. We asked for feedback, and that’s what we got. Thank you Portage community! Even local youth bravely stepped up to the plate, encouraging the project and adding insight that had not been presented before.


In addition to committee and community members, additional supporters of the project showed up in attendance. Three certificates were presented, including certificates of appreciation and recognition. Mayor Bill Tierney and Prairie Flower Bead business owner Rita Briant were the deserving recipients for their outstanding support and efforts to the project.


Those who are familiar with the Portage Family Skate Park project know that this event was just one of many bringing light to what is in our community’s future. Was the library perhaps not your style? Well, we have options galore.


Next, local business owners Mark and Reid Bellmore of the Corner Pocket Bar and Grill are hosting a fundraiser on behalf of the PFSP on Tuesday, November 26 from 4-8 PM. This Pulled Pork Extravaganza is a tantalizing way to not only support your community but to find out why this project has the backing of individuals such as the Tony Hawk Foundation.


Did we mention the event is family-friendly? Yep, that’s right, as a family skate park we want everyone involved, and that means your kids too. (Moms, dads- are you aware the Corner Pocket has a “swear jar” where a donation is encouraged if vulgarity is used in their establishment? Even better, that money is donated to local charities.)


Athletics is something we believe in and support, so please attend as a family and let your children show enthusiasm for getting active and outdoors. Your attendance will not only spare you a night in the kitchen and a load of dishes but also provide an entertaining, informative evening.

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