Thank You Tony Hawk Foundation!!!

It’s Official!  We met the $5000 Challenge Grant issued to us by The Tony Hawk Foundation!

Thanksgiving time is near, but why wait to declare our thanks to Tony Hawk and Peter Whitley for issuing us this Challenge Grant and to all the people in the city of Portage and surrounding area who helped us meet it!

Challenge Grants inspire teamwork and we are so proud of and excited for the City of Portage and the teamwork displayed in meeting this Challenge Grant!  The $5000 turned into $10,000 which brings us so much closer to our goal of $90,000 by early summer of 2014.  We are just about 1/2 way there!

Together Everyone Achieves More!

And did you know that when children participate in sports they enjoy they actually perform better in school?  Physical activity is good for the body and the mind!  This Skate Park will enhance the lives of children and family while enhancing the business climate of Portage as well!

We are open to accepting more Challenge Grants!  If your business or know of a foundation that issues Challenge Grants please let us know!

Once again – Thank You Tony Hawk Foundation and everyone who participated in meeting the challenge! Would you like to donate? Click the link

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