Quality food and service isn’t just a wish.

By Brooke McGee

At the Corner Pocket Bar and Grill, quality food and service isn’t just a wish, it’s a regularly provided service. On Tuesday, November 26, they did more than deliver as usual, they excelled. Hosting a fundraising event for the Portage Family Skate Park project, their “Pulled Pork Extravaganza,” drew in many. Regulars who had not heard of the event were happily surprised.

From four to eight PM, owners Mark and Reid Bellmore graciously dedicated their time and efforts to assist the PFSP. All funds raised were donated to the project to assist in fundraising efforts and to show their support and dedication to a thriving Portage area.

As a family-friendly business, the Corner Pocket was a welcoming environment for all ages. Moms and dads with children in tow, gathered together with Portage community members of all ages. Enjoying the food was only one part of the night. The encouraging mission of the fundraiser and the environment the Corner Pocket provides produced smiling faces all around.

For a few though, the night had more perk than they had anticipated. Door prizes, given on the hour to a randomly drawn fundraiser attendant, were excitedly accepted. From painstaking arranged “goodie baskets,” to a generously donated deckstool, those with their name drawn walked away pleased (and with a little more to carry!)



Special thanks and considerable gratitude is extended to the Bellmore family and their respected establishment, the Corner Pocket Bar and Grill. Because of the Bellmore’s generous spirit, the Portage Family Skate Park project is closer to accomplishing their goal. The support and backing of establishments such as this are the fuel driving the PFSP. Without community support, we would not be where we are today.

More opportunities are in the future for those who missed out. Upcoming events can be found on portageskatepark.org under “meetings and events.” Those who are interested in being a part of those events (or creating one to demonstrate support) can contact the PFSP via their website.

Thank you to all in the community who showed up in support, volunteered and donated time and resources. One very unique donation came from “Deckstool,” found at deckstool.com. As an environmentally conscious company, Deckstool creates artistic works of art from skateboards no longer in use from damage. Taking materials “destined for the landfill,” high-quality furniture and artistic pieces are created instead. As the recipient of one of these works of art, one young lady in particular will certainly be paying more attention to this earth-friendly company.

Winner of the Deckstool, provided by our sponsor Deckstool.com

Winner of the Deckstool, provided by our sponsor Deckstool.com

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