What kind of future is there for Skateboarders anyway?

There are many people who base a lot of their decisions on academics so I decided to do a search on skateboarders with college degrees.  I searched several sights – and found skateboarders who had earned degrees in Psychology, Chemistry, English, Business, Anthropology, Creative Writing,

So what kind of future is there for a skateboarder?  Whatever kind of future the skateboarder sets his or her sights and hopes on.  Some of the college degreed skateboarders actually paid for a good portion of their tuition with their semi-pro and professional earnings.  That’s not a bad thing either.  Isn’t this the same reason we encourage youth in high school to try out for sports and to get to college on a sports scholarship?

So what’s the difference if a kid wants to play hockey, soccer, curl, football, dance, learn to cook, look at bugs, write stories, make music or art or skateboard? Sure for a few people will become professionals but for the most part these are all recreational activities as adults.  The most important thing is can they read? Do they know the difference between right and wrong?  Who helps them make moral decisions?

We all do – it’s a community effort.  No family raises a family all alone – there is always the influence of the community, the school, the business, the arts, the media and yes, even religions. Ultimately, each skateboarder and their family will make their own future.  For now, we know most kids and their families and most of the businesses and professionals in Portage agree with our mission.

“The mission of the Portage Family Skate Park Project is to build a multi-generational  Skate Park Plaza for Skateboarders  of a variety of ages, skills and abilities in cooperation with the City of Portage and the Kiwanis organization.”

What kind of opportunities are we providing for the skateboarders and their families in our community?  We are making great strides!  What resources are we informing them about?  A look at College Scholarships.org shows there are Skateboarding Foundations that grant College and Camp Scholarships.