By Brooke McGee

“Believe.” That word has a lot of meaning behind it. The meaning of that word is the inspiration behind the Portage Family Skate Park project (PFSP.) They believe it will come true. “Believe” is also the title and meaning to a recent Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s video contest film, featuring Tony Hawk himself.

Logan Cascia of Cascia Films documented the awe-inspiring story of Tommy Carroll, a young man with the hope to skateboard. Unfortunately, at a young age, Tommy lost his eyesight. Because of his belief in himself, that stumbling block did not hold him back. In fact, his belief drives him onward and his dream of meeting renowned skateboard legend Tony Hawk, came true.

“Tommy has a spirit that wouldn’t quit,” Cascia said. “He reached his goal because he wouldn’t give up. I wish there were more people like him. This world needs people like Tommy.”

That dream was not accomplished without the cooperation of others, individuals who worked together. Because of Cascia Films and publicity from individuals such as the Chicago Tribune and Sports Illustrated Kids, Tony Hawk was given the credit he deserved, a thank you for a modest deed that came from his heart.

“One of the best things about Tommy is that he doesn’t look at his blindness at something that holds him back,” Cascia says. “He embraces it. He has people that believe in him, and so do I. I think, and this is just my opinion, that when people believe in you, it gives you a little more spark.”

A common thread is seen through videos such as “Believe,” viewable on YouTube or at Casciafilms.com. “I believe Portage will get their skate park,” Cascia said. “I’ve seen a lot, I travel a lot. I believe that dreams come true, I’m not really worried. For people like Tommy, a park like this can make a dream come true. Because of Tony (Hawk), some already have. I think it’s awesome he sponsored Portage for the Grant Match program. That’s just one more reason I respect him.”

The Portage Family Skate Park project is something many in the Portage, Wisconsin Dells and the Madison area believe in. It will happen. It is just a matter of time. Tommy Carroll knows patience and he also knows determination. He is an inspiration to all who have the honor of meeting him.

The PFSP wish to extend their thanks to all who believe in and support the park. Without the support of the City of Portage, Kiwanis, sponsors and local fundraising events, the PFSP would not be where they are today. Thank you. Thank you for believing.

Cascia Films also wishes to extend their gratitude to Tom & Kristi Carroll, Grind Gear Skate Shop, Bruce and Hayes Cascia, Greg Ellis, Matt Krueger, Justin Lacosse, Trevor Morrison and Andrew Underwood.

is a monumental figure who gives hope and inspiration to all.