Why Would Your Business Want to Team Up in Fundraising with and for The Portage Family Skate Park?

Why indeed would your business want to Team Up with The Portage Family Skate Park Fundraising Efforts?

1.  Did you know that Restaurant Business is shown to increase by anywhere from 4% to 8% in communities where Skate Parks exist?   What is your daily, weekly, monthly, annual income?

2.  Did you know that Retail Business is also shown to increase?

3.  It stands to reason that Gas Stations would also experience an increase in sales.

4. Since Skate Park Moms travel together like Soccer Moms it stands to reason that some businesses catering to women such as hair, nail and spa salons also have a potential for increased business.

5.  A Skate Park enhances the physical and mental health of youth by offering another option for sports minded people and families.

You can team up with the Portage Family Skate Park right now!

Skatepark & Business

We are have two fundraising events in the month of February.

All month long we have the I Love Skateboarding option.  Your customers can donate $1.00 to $5.00 sign a card and hang it up in your place of business.

February 18th we are holding a Chicken Soup Fundraiser from Noon – 6:30. 

Your Restaurant can donate soup, crackers, rolls, milk, butter, bowls, dessert, napkins, to – go containers.  And/or you can attend!  Get out of your business and meet and mingle with new people – learn more about the City of Portage and attract more customers to your own restaurant.   $5.00 for a bowl of soup, roll, crackers and beverage and for an additional $2.00 you can add a dessert!  Location:  St. John the Baptist Church – Couper Hall