Two. Ok, why did I say two?

Portage, WI. If you’re young, there’s a really good chance you might say “I want to move away as soon as I can!” As you mature, your eyes do this thing- they see what is around us, we see the opportunities.

You want to hike? Great! 20 minutes west. Music lover? Milwaukee is not a far jaunt. Hunter? The abundance of our public grounds is something of envy. Rock climbing, water parks, the Ice Age Trail. But… what about those who are right HERE, right NOW?

Honestly, that depends. Are you a business owner? I wouldn’t have to bet against that you want a booming, thriving downtown.

Young? “Stuck here?” (Actually, if you look around, it’s really kinda cool… Tried geocaching lately?) Or…  make a difference. Portage’s recreation is growing. One major part of that is the upcoming Portage Family Skate Park.

Two. Ok, why did I say two? Because for only two dollars you can contribute to a cause that will help Portage flourish. Tourism… Revenue. A better tomorrow. A better Portage. In a recent interview with retired pro-boarder Kanten Russel, he stated: “I’ve really enjoyed touching back with skateparks where we have had a lot of good communication,” Kanten told us. “When following up, we’ve even heard: ‘Is it possible to be too successful?’ Typically, it’s underestimated how much a skatepark will be utilized, or how much business it will bring to an area. You don’t need to form a team or rely on others to show up. It’s a creative expression and you set your own style and goals. It’s a very unique sport that helps build confidence and physical stamina.”

Please support your upcoming Portage Family Skate Park project. Don’t think about today- think about OUR tomorrow. Bracelets can be purchased at upcoming meetings and events or at Prairie Flower Beads in downtown Portage. Those who are elderly or incapacitated may contact Brooke at (608)566-5624 for a no-charge delivery and to show our sincere gratitude for your support.

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