Donating time and heart!

By Brooke McGee

Team rider and local supporter of the Portage Family Skate Park (PFSP) Brandon Hanson has once again thought of others instead of himself. A devoted supporter of the PFSP, Brandon has given more than just the gift of time. An area skateboarder, Brandon graciously donated numerous one-of-a-kind, personally signed decks to the project.. Of the gifts he gave to Portage, one of those exact boards became an enticing raffle prize at a recent PFSP fundraising event.

Taking place on February 18, a Chicken Soup Fundraiser was held at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church. One thing many did not know though was how precious the raffle prize was. OnOctober 11, 2008, our community almost lost Brandon. Despite the lingering effects of his injury, his generosity and soul are unchanged. Brandon also is a rider for Elements Board Shop of WI Dells, participating in charitable events and spends time volunteering with children.

Brandon’s one-of-a-kind custom skateboard deck drew the attention of many. Tickets, sold for $5 each, went in abundance. Hopeful community members crossed their fingers for a chance to win the board. (We greatly encourage you to check out Brandon’s YouTube channel at!)

The 6 p.m. bell closed the Soup Dinner down, but more was yet to come. A gleeful committee member’s daughter was the lucky little lady chosen to pick the one, bright orange ticket. Stirring her hand, just a little, she drew one with confidence… and gave a gift that will always be cherished.

Though the winner was not present at the time, PFSP President Kyle Little went out of his way, personally delivering the deck to their home. “When you almost lose someone and you give a prize with this much sentimental value,” Kyle said, “you make sure it arrives safe.”

The Portage Family Skate Park project would like to thank all those who purchased an opportunity to receive such a memorable gift. To Brandon Hanson, who has shown support and dedication to this project reliably, we especially thank you.

Fortunately, those who did not win the deck still have a shot at owning one in the future. An ongoing project is nearing completion and production is hopefully near for Brandon’s line. (Red tape, eye roll…) If you would like to contact Brandon you can do so by emailing him at or through Facebook at