Springs Coming Craft/Vendor event Update.

The Good Stuff Bar and Grill in Portage, WI had exactly that on Saturday, March 1. Vendors from as far as Milwaukee gathered together to create an indoor, winter version of an arts and craft festival.

From flavored popcorn to creative homemade jewelry and intricate crocheted items, the event featured a quality variety of what the area has to offer. One booth in particular, focused on information and education rather than sales. If you consider education valuable, consider the Portage Family Skate Park presentation a success!

While other vendors focused on profits and a variety of items, the PFSP had one item for sale- a small, orange and black $2 support bracelet. Along with that, was accurate statistics about the benefits that the skatepark would bring to the area.

Attracted by a video presentation, visitors were surprised to hear how the area would benefit from the addition of a skate park to Goodyear Park. Few knew that statistics show more youth are interested in skateboarding than football and basketball combined. Many also nodded their head in agreement when they realized that if the community did not offer a skatepark, the community WAS the skatepark.

Young entrepreneur and volunteer, 8-year old Mya Lasher, made the vast majority of the bracelet sales. Sporting a PFSP t-shirt and using the best of manners, Mya held doors and chatted with nearly everyone she saw. Presenting business cards containing information on the project, few could resist when asked if they could spare $2 to show their support. After making a sale, Mya then shared a coloring sheet containing a free personal pan Pizza Hut pizza to those who had children in the area.

Although financial gain was not the highlight of event, education and accurate facts were shared in abundance. The monetary amount of additional support cannot be measured. A full-scope project book was made available, containing everything from letters of support to anticipated blue prints, newspaper articles and facts regarding the truths and myths about skate parks and skateboarders.

To learn more about the Portage Family Skate Park project yourself, please check out the website at portageskatepark.org. (If you’re already here, look around!) Information regarding increased business revenue, safety and community support can be found, among much, much more. We encourage you to take a moment to check it out! You know you’re curious… that’s why you’re reading this… 😉

Next event 3/30/2014 10:00am at the Best western Portage and to Benefit the Portage Family Skate Park Project. Also a Bake Sale.

Next event 3/30/2014 10:00am at the Best western Portage and to Benefit the Portage Family Skate Park Project. Also a Bake Sale.