Greater Portage Area Youth Education Foundation Welcomes PFSP.

Portage Family Skate Park President, Kyle Little, presented information to The Greater Portage Area Youth Education Foundation, Inc. Board on Wednesday morning.  Kyle informed the Board that the on line newsletter, available through the PFSP website has over 700 subscribers.  The O’Brion Agency donates 600 printed pamphlets each month and 100 printed magazines every quarter. The Portage Family Skate Park Project has the support of the Mayor, Law Enforcement and Kiwanis organization, Kyle requested the board members of The Greater Portage Area Youth Foundation to consider supporting the project as well and becoming contributors. Tom Pinion asked Kyle about the promised support of funding from the city asking whether or not when that would become official.  Kyle informed Mr. Pinion that he will once again be presenting the project to the new council.  Kyle will also be going to local schools soon with a Skateboarding Safety presentation.  Safety is one of Kyle’s major desires for the youth in Portage.   Having a community Skate Park will help make that happen.  Lessons will be able to be taught and there will be an ordinance that requires the wearing of helmets to prevent head injuries.   After the presentation Nancy Ziegler, board member, enthusiastically thanked Kyle and complimented him on having one of the most professional presentations the board has heard.     – June Paul

Kyle Little & Nancy Ziegler

Kyle Little & Nancy Ziegler

Hi Kyle,

Thank you again for your presentation today.   Our group was very impressed with the amount of work you have put into this project and in the manner that you presented it.   Due to the amount of data to process and other topics on our plate we have decided to let everyone take the information home and digest it before our next meeting.  We will then be able to have an educated internal discussion on the project and how we might be able to help.  We meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month so we should have an answer for you in the later part of May.  Thanks again and good luck with the City of Portage sponsorship of the project.  Have a good day.

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Just to reiterate Board Member Nancy Ziegler’s comments, what a great presentation. By far the best our current board has ever heard. We “tabled” a vote on a possible donation to our next meeting.

Thanks Again!

Scott K. Bublitz – Treasurer, Greater Portage Youth Education Foundation

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