Hot and Spicy recap!


What a hot and spicy good time the Portage Family Skate park committee had at the Blarney stone. On December 14th the Blarney Stone had there 5th Annual Chili Cook Off . There were nine chili’s in the contest, which three judges tasted them all. Some even twice to find just the right one. The judges were Loren Lippitt, Dan Mossholder and volunteer for the PFSP Debbie Little.

It was fun tasting them all. Some were spicy and a few were sweet tasting. Than there was one that was so hot, we needed a mint to cool ourΒ mouths down. I’m so glad we tried that last. After a long discussion we cam up with three winners. 1st place Kevin Malone, 2nd place Dan Schelvan and 3rd John Mulhen.


1st place Kevin Malone middle, 2nd place Dan Schelvan right and 3rd John Mulhen left.

Each received prize money from the Blarney Stone. We watched the Packers play while tasting chili’s this year. Many cheers and some boo’s. It was great fun many people won prizes that owner Kevin Malone gave away during the game. At the end of the day Kevin gave a check to the PFSP for $500 as a donation for the building of the new skate park Portage. The PFSP gave Kevin a t-shirt with the name of the judge’s and anyone that made chili on it. So get ready for the 6th annual Chili cook off in 2015. Just come on down and enter at the Blarney Stone for 2015. Thank you to all that made chili and a great big thank you to Kevin from President of the PFSP Kyle Little and family.


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