Cheerful @Portagesk8park

Have you ever spent time around a “cheerful” person?  Cheerfulness improves your sense of well being, makes life more fun, and makes the people around you feel better!
Serving with the Portage Family Skate Park gives Portage youth the opportunity to be “cheerful.”  At our July 11 City-Wide Brat Hut, 2 Committee Members and 4 Youth enjoyed serving the city and laughing together.  These are moments that change lives and will never be forgotten.
Portage Family Skate Park is committed to building a healthy community with a dose of laughter and a spoonful positive thinking.  Todd Miller, is Vice President of PFSP and Teen Mentor, employed by Northwoods Inc., of Wisconsin.  Our youth and adult leaders alike love being around Todd because he is a naturally cheerful person.  Cheerfulness has the power to break the emotional cycles of fear, hurt, anger, inadequacy, and depression!
What more could a community like Portage ask for than a group of fun and healthy adults who love making their community a better place now for a better future.  Great job, Todd!  You transmit a sense of joy to the people around you.  We are proud of you.
Jared Pierson


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