Portage Family Skate Park Values the Next Generation.

The best strategy a community of adults can have to build a better future is to make our children aware of the impact they have as individuals and as the collective next generation at the local level.  Portage Family Skate Park values the next generation and is committed to intentionally teaching our Portage youth that their actions make a difference.  Because of our children, Portage has a bright future.
It is exciting to observe our next generation get excited about serving.  Leeland, age 6, questioned on Saturday at 9am, “Why do we do to the brat hut?”  “Because when we serve our city, it shows that we love our city,” was the reply.  “Oh,” Leeland said in an accepting and pondering tone.  The following 5 hours of this young man’s Saturday was marked by eager anticipation to serve every person walking through Pierce’s Market Place parking lot.  Leeland waved signs from afar, raced to serve when customers approached, and smiled from ear to ear when they made donations.
At the last PFSP meeting, committee members reflected on what’s going well.  “The life-changing impact being made on our youth” ranked at the top.  Investing into our children is truly the most fulfilling achievement.  The PFSP exists for our next generation in Portage, Wisconsin. #PFSP @portagesk8park Http://portageskatepark.org Http://www.twitter.com/portagesk8park Http://www.facebook.com/portageskatepark


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