Final PFSP Brat Hut at Pierce’s in 2015

  On Saturday Sept. 19th the Portage Family Skate park Project held its final Brat Hut for 2015 at the Pierce’s Brat Hut stand. It was an absolutely beautiful day for grilling brats to raise money for the PFSP. Once again our friend Brian was expertly manning the grill while Andrew, Debbie, and Mariya served customers with a smile.

Pierce’s held a big sale that weekend and most fortuitous for the PFSP was the presence of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. The parking lot was flooded with the sound of the Oscar Meyer theme song and a cacophony of wiener whistles. The combination of store sales and the iconic Wiener Mobile brought a wide variety of customers to the Brat Hut keeping our volunteers very busy keeping up with demand.

Overall it was a very productive day for the Portage Family Skate park Project, raising a record breaking $250+ in sales which will go towards the construction of a Skate park in Portage’s Goodyear Park. The PFSP was fortunate to sell off nearly all of our accumulated Brat hut supplies from the past summer, making our overall Brat selling efforts for the summer come to a neat and tidy conclusion.

The PFSP is very thankful to Pierce’s for their support of our project and for giving us the opportunity to use their Brat Hut over the last two years for our fundraising efforts. We are also thankful for the many people who take time to stop and buy a snack at each Brat hut event. After all, a brat or hotdog isn’t much of a meal, but the money you spend at the Pierce’s Brat Hut, whether it is for the PFSP or another organization, does more than just buy food, it helps make our whole community better.

If you didn’t make it to a PFSP Brat Hut event this year, but would still like to help the Portage Family Skate park Project, don’t worry there is still a way to donate to the Project through your Pierce’s Rewards card. Stop by the Service desk during your next visit to Pierce’s and ask to designate the PFSP as your charity. Our rewards number is 1703!

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If you would still like to meet our volunteers & committee members we will be getting together on Wed. October 7th at Goodyear Park for a potluck to reflect on our efforts, and successes during the last summer. We would love to see you there!

PFSP Supporters.

PFSP Supporters.