Enjoying the Moment at the PFSP Family Picnic

Rest and play was the theme of the day for the PFSP Family Picnic on Wednesday, October 7th held at Good Year Park, future home of the Portage Family Skate Park.

The greatness of a person is found in the ability to not lose a child’s heart.  If you want to be great, work hard and plan fun.  We laugh loud and often because life is worth celebrating.

The PFSP has consistently worked hard throughout 2015.  On this Wednesday, it was time to have some fun, enjoying the moment, talking about our lives instead of the skate park, and eating brats instead of selling them.  Our kids played together, Rusty held a baby, and ol’ football even got tossed around.  As usual, Todd manned the grill and Kyle took pictures.  As the sun settled down in Portage that night, so did a sense of joy and peace.  We are enjoying the moment at the Portage Family Skate Park.