From the beginning!

The direction of the Portage community is determined by the strength of our values.

From the beginning, the Portage Family Skate Park has been a community organization with strong values.  The Stakeholders meeting, hosted by Grindline Inc., on November 10th at the Portage Public Library brought together a positive, sharp, and passionate group of people who understood the impact of the upcoming construction for the Portage community, breaking ground in spring 2016.

Lead Designer, Micah Shapiro, opened the meeting expressing his company’s high value on “community.”  Following his presentation, listener’s were wowed by the desires and concepts expressed by intelligible and positive skateboarders from the area.  A skateboarder from Madison, Matt, travels the country skating the best parks. Matt spoke of his excitement to have a Grindline Inc. design, in Wisconsin.  “They are the best.”  Grindline creates unique designs that incorporate local culture and maintain visual and athletic interest.  People will travel from all of the country to skate Grindline.  Portage Mayor, Bill Tierney, expressed his compliments toward President Kyle Little and Todd Miller for the group’s success in this project followed by an excited and brief history of Portage.  Some of the creative ideas generated for skate park features with Portage flare were “a curling stone, a canal, the Ice Age trail, a railroad, and interstates 39 and 94.”

Clearly, the values that created the United States of America were freedom, a sense of individuality, equality, strength of community, hard work, competition, prosperity, and respect for those who overcome adversity.  These values sculpted the American experience.  Amongst other organizations that foster these values in Portage, the building of a unique skatepark will encapsulate them.

The next Stakeholders’ Meeting will be 12/17/2015 6:30pm Portage Public Library. Time, Date and location subject to change.

You are invited to be a part of this historical event.