Portage is Family!

It was the main emphasis at the unveiling of the design for the Portage Family Skate Park.  Portage is more than a city, it’s a family.  The Portage Family Skate Park is more than a recreational facility, it’s a place for “families to experience recreation together” said President Kyle Little.

Lead Designer, Micah Shapiro displayed 3D pictures of the anticipated future skate park to an excited audience.  The design includes a unique design with a curling stone to celebrate the culture of Portage.  Participants in the meeting became really excited when Art Director Andrew Taminga suggested creating a “house” on the other end.  A house is the target in the curling sport.  Skaters will be able to make a game out of it, skating from the stone to the house.

Park and Recreation Director Dan Kremer announced the possibility of creating a skating program with a coach through his city department, serving Portage families.  Kyle expressed his excitement to be out there with his children holding hands and helping them learn the sport.  With all the talk about how to serve the families of Portage, one thing is clear… Portage is Family!