A Community Response for More from the Creators of “Ignite Your Kids for Greatness!”

The Portage Family Skate Park is a family organization, innovating fresh ways of building up Portage families with a focus on the next generation.
That’s why we hosted a parenting event called “Ignite your Kids for Greatness!”  This 3 session event took place in May, 2016, and is hoped by participants to be the first of many repeating events.  One participant commented, “This class will grow!” And another said, “It was all good stuff and I want more people to hear it!”  Our favorite response came from a father who had surgery at 7am and showed up to the event that evening, refusing to miss the last session.

A key ingredient to the success of the class is the tone of the presentation.  We believe the most important factor affecting parents today is “motivation.”  There are many distractions and pitfalls to parenting today.  Therefore, we are focused on inspiring and motivating parents to be passionate, intentional, and creative.  The rest is a matter of preference and personality. President Kyle Little was moved in the first session, “Re-Igniting the Passion for Parenting,” and took the challenge.  He wrote a letter to his children and placed it in a time capsule.

Vice President Jared Pierson had fun teaching the content bringing  “energy, personal stories, and humor” to the “well-prepared presentations.”  Others commented “I enjoyed the scientific research.”  It’s the heart that matters and the science proves it.   One thing is for sure, Portage parents have heart!

The Portage Family Skate Park is so thankful to the Portage United Methodist Church for accommodating our presence, & a special thanks to Laci Monroe, Sara Brockely, and Julie Briggs for preparing dinner for guests.  We are super appreciative of, Margaret Rudolph at the Portage School District for doing a fantastic job promoting the parenting event within our community. Last, and even more, so much thankfulness goes to Liz Gregory, Barb Berg, and Carrie Scherbert for guiding and directing the content.  You all did a fantastic job!