“Better When We’re Dancing”

The Portage Family Skate Park crew did it again, bringing the FREEDOM to the 4th of July Parade in Pardeeville, Wisconsin.  Driving a 2016 black Dodge Ram Rebel, boasting large Bose speakers, and pulling an 18 foot flat bed trailer, the crowd was pointing, dancing, and laughing together as the PFSP float inched by.  It was a blast to watch people dancing on beat, with smiles and sharing the experience.  It became a shared community experience.  Art Director, Andrew Tamminga commented “The music was great.”  Pardeeville Parade Directors, Adam and Angie, made special thanks for bringing the music.  In a day when people are finding so many things to divide over, the Portage Family Skate Park played a few songs the everyone loves creating a shared experience.  The simple observation is we’re “better when we’re dancing.”

And of course, everyone loves babies.  Vice President Jared Pierson and wife, Michelle waved with 7 month old Rosie.  Rosie was a real crowd pleaser, smiling out parade watchers with her toothy smile.  Great music, a fantastic truck, and a cute baby made the PFSP entry the fan favorite!
The Portage Family Skate Park leadership is very proud of Portage teen, David Spannagel, who is becoming more involved in community leadership.  David, you did a great job representing the PFSP and landing some fantastic kick flips with President Kyle Little.
The Portage Family Skate Park gives a huge shout of thanks to salesman, Eric Holiday, of Hill Automotive in Portage. for his excited support for the skate park and use of the Ram Rebel.  We also thank Walsh’s Ace Hardware in Portage for allowing the PFSP to sport a great trailer.  Lastly, special thanks to Activate Church; the Bose speakers… wow.  Thanks for helping to make the 4th of July Parade great for so many people!