First City wide Flea Market of the year!

June 11th 2016 was Canal Days in Portage Wisconsin and there was activity everywhere. The Portage Family Skatepark Project was especially busy working two events at the same time. One Group led by PFSP President Kyle Little, and the Reverend Jared Pierson Β were grilling out at the Commerce plaza, while Art Director Andrew Tamminga, and super volunteers Debbie little And Brian Nicholson manned a second grill at the Columbia County Fairgrounds for the City wide Flea Market.Β
This was the first Flea Market of three to be held this year by the City of Portage Park and Rec. The vendors did well this past Saturdayand were especially happy to see us back with brats and refreshments. The vendors are by far our biggest supporters at these events, and we enjoy meeting new people every time, sometimes from faraway places you wouldn’t expect to see in Portage.
The PFSP also did well raising $200+ for future editions to the skatepark in Portage. We are sincerely grateful to the Park and Rec for inviting us to bring another element to these summer events. We are always looking for more volunteers to help us make these events