Hopping into Phase 2!

What a fantastic Easter event! The Portage Family Skate Park committee would like to first off thank the Portage Parks and Recreation for keeping our parks amazing and a joy to be in. On Friday the 14th, the PFSP crew, under the night sky, were able to hide 222 Easter eggs for families to hunt for on Saturday the 15th. With weather not being the best we knew it was going to be challenge to not only hide the eggs but get those hunters out of the house to look for them. Well there was no reason to worry #Portagepride took over at 10am at Goodyear park! People started posting all over social media giving others clues and updates on egg locations. We had one volunteer that drove around and she could not believe how many families were out and about in 6 different parks looking for eggs.

From 10am to 2pm it was busy all day. People from all over discovered new parks for the first time. In order to claim there prizes they needed to come back to Goodyear with there egg, with all the eggs found we gave away 200 prizes. We even gave a away a few special prizes to those who found two golden eggs. Two very important sponsors are Dairy Queen and Dunkin Donuts located in Portage Wisconsin, who donated sweet treats as gifts. Over all we gave away t-shirts, wristbands, bikes to a lucky few and much more. We are still excepting donations for the 2nd and 3rd future expansion and that can be done by visiting our page portageskatepark.org and hitting the donation tab. We again want to thank the City of Portage and the Portage Parks and Recreation team. Next year we hope to have a much bigger event by not just doing six parks but all of them with the help of the Parks department.