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Round 1 Chilli Cook off for the PFSP!

Thank You to… Special thanks to our event chair, Kyle Little, for his work in making

Divine Savior and Portage Family Skate Park Team Up to Reduce Injuries.

Craig’s Popcorn Matching Donations

Craig’s Popcorn Stand is not only taking donations from customers who want to donate to The

Chicken Soup for the Park

The Chicken Soup Fundraiser is coming together!  Our goal is to serve 500 meals.  Individuals and

Kids Day Contribution!

Dr. Kevin Blau presents PFSP Project President Kyle Little with a check for $500.  This check

The Official PFSP Banner is Up!

On Monday, September 23, 2013 at 4:30pm members of the PFSP Committee met at Goodyear Park

1st Annual PFSP Skateboard Marathon Small but Successful.

        Portage: 1st Annual Skateboard Marathon. Portage city of Wisconsin, on September 7th 2013 held the

Skating forward: Portage Family Skate Park gets grant

Wheels in Motion By: Jen McCoy Daily Register http://www.wiscnews.com/portagedailyregister/news/article_85327826-6f70-502a-ba89-d4fff639acf8.html Tony Hawk Foundation Backs Public Skateparks Coast

1st Annual Portage Skate Park Marathon!

2013 Portage Family Skate Park Marathon  Please click the links to download and print forms > 2013 Skate Marathon

Safety First.

Safety is a big factor in any sport and it is no different in skateboarding. We